Web Design Weekly #334

October 08, 2018 - Jake Bresnehan


One Small Step for the Web…

Tim Berners-Lee shares some wise words about why he has always believed the web is for everyone and why he is always fighting fiercely to protect it. (medium.com)

What is Modular CSS?

Modular CSS is a collection of principles for writing code that is performant and maintainable at scale. This post is a must read if you happen to be writing any CSS. (spaceninja.com)


How browser rendering works — behind the scenes

A look into the steps your browser takes to convert HTML, CSS and JavaScript into a working website you can interact with. (blog.logrocket.com)

Putting things on top of other things

Isabel Brison dives into the fun world of stacking contexts: what they are, when they happen and why. (tellthemachines.com)

Accurately measuring layout on the web

The browser rendering pipeline is complicated. For that reason, it’s tricky to measure the performance of a webpage, especially when components are rendered client-side and everything becomes an intricate ballet between JavaScript, the DOM, styling, layout, and rendering. (nolanlawson.com)

The Shapes of CSS

By getting clever with positioning, transforming, and many other tricks, we can make lots of shapes in CSS with only a single HTML element. The master of CSS, Chris Coyier explains. (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

Create React App 2.0

Create React App 2.0 has been released and it brings a year’s worth of improvements in a single dependency update. Congrats to all involved. (reactjs.org)

The Complete Guide to Lazy Loading Images

In this guide, Rahul Nanwani covers all of the ins and outs of lazy loading images, a technique that helps improve the time it takes for a web page to load by deferring image loads until they are needed. (css-tricks.com)

Building A PWA Using Angular 6

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to build a Progressive Web Application, step by step, implementing the core tenets of PWAs using the Angular CLI v6. (smashingmagazine.com)

Easily Boost the Delivery of Static Websites in AWS (kylegalbraith.com)

Mastering Modular JavaScript (github.com)

Webpack Config Tool (jakoblind.no)


Design Details no. 267 – Don’t Wanna Yuck Anyone’s Yum (spec.fm)

From idea to typeface: How are fonts designed? (underscoretype.com)


Product Designer at InVisionApp

If you have a passion for product design and an aptitude to work in a collaborative environment, can demonstrate empathy and strong advocacy for our users, while balancing the vision and constraints of engineering, then this might be the role for you. (invisionapp.com)

Front-end Engineer at Creative Market

Join the team to help us continue our meteoric growth, and your work will be used by millions of people every month. As a front-end engineer, you’ll work on a team of talented individuals working closely together to ship the best possible product. (creativemarket.com)

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Last but not least…

Countdown Timer – Track your launch or deadline (countdowntimer.info)

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