Web Design Weekly #333

September 26, 2018 - Jake Bresnehan


The 9am Rush Hour

Do you feel overwhelmed at the vast array of approaches and tooling? Struggle with performance? Fight almost daily to create compelling apps & sites that work across devices and browsers? If so, you’ll probably enjoy this. (medium.com)

Responsive Images

An excerpt from his new book, Image Performance, Mat Marquis shines a light on one of the biggest challenges for website performance. (alistapart.com)

Things To Consider When Evaluating A JavaScript Library (freecodecamp.org)


Idle Until Urgent

Philip Walton shares a strategy he has dubbed “Idle Until Urgent”. The main idea being, to treat UI work as non-essential by default and only upgrade render priority when certain criteria are met. (philipwalton.com)

Designing with real data

Zach Johnston goes into detail about how Dropbox uses Framer X and real data to design. If you have recently adopted Framer X this is a must read. (medium.com)

All Fired Up About Specificity

Chris Coyier pulls together some thoughts over a recent twitter poll that escalated a little. (css-tricks.com)

Cache your React event listeners to improve performance

Charles Stover shares some advice on an under-appreciated concept in JavaScript to help the performance of your code. (medium.com)

Why Google is the most important design company of 2018

In an exclusive interview with Fast Company, CEO Sundar Pichai explains how Google got design and is nailing it. (fastcompany.com)

How and why I redesign my portfolio every year (uxdesign.cc)

Tools / Resources

Measure Performance with the RAIL Model

A user-centric performance model that breaks down the user’s experience into key actions. RAIL’s goals and guidelines aim to help you ensure a good user experience. I have linked to this in the past but it has just been updated. (developers.google.com)

Get ready for your frontend interview. Practice for free.

Increase your chances of success with extra practice. Schedule a peer-2-peer mock interview on Pramp – make sure you ace your next technical interview (pramp.com)

What’s New in Safari 12

Safari 12 ships with iOS 12 and macOS 10.14. The main highlights are icons in tabs, automatic strong passwords, 3D & AR model viewer and more. (developer.apple.com)

Gatsby Version 2 Released (gatsbyjs.org)

Framer X Is Here (framer.com)




Shop Talk Show – Dan Mall on Building a Portfolio (shoptalkshow.com)

Notes to Myself on Software Engineering (medium.com)


Senior UX Engineer at InVisionApp

Help shape the next generation of digital design tools by joining the InVision team as a UX Engineer. (invisionapp.com)

Front-end Engineer at Creative Market

Join the team to help us continue our meteoric growth, and your work will be used by millions of people every month. As a front-end engineer, you’ll work on a team of talented individuals working closely together to ship the best possible product. (creativemarket.com)

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Last but not least…

What makes a good front-end developer? (css-tricks.com)