Web Design Weekly #331

September 03, 2018 - Jake Bresnehan


The system always kicks back

Kyle Peatt explains how the effort required to build a design system is tiny compared to the effort required to maintain it. (ux.shopify.com)

The Internet of Garbage (theverge.com)


Designers are from Saturn, developers are from Jupiter

Albino Tonnina raises some really good points around the challenges of keeping the UI consistent and cohesive within large app. He goes into detail on how Design Systems can help, but Custom Design Systems and tailored UI Toolkits really help. (medium.freecodecamp.org)

Thinking About React, Atomically

Katia Sittmann explains how to utilise Atomic Design principles to better architect React applications. (medium.com)

Reduce JavaScript Payloads with Code Splitting

Do you bundle all of your scripts into one big file and serve it on all pages? If so, you’ll want to consider code splitting. (developers.google.com)

Progressive Web-First Apps (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Best Practices For Mobile Form Design

Users can be hesitant to fill out forms. That is why it is our goal as designers to make the process of filling out a form as easy as possible. Nick Babich shares some techniques that can help you design effective forms. (smashingmagazine.com)

CLI: improved

Remy Sharp over the years has refined his command line habits. In this post he explains his current list of improved CLI tools. (remysharp.com)

Grid by Example

Everything you need to learn CSS Grid Layout. (gridbyexample.com)

Profile activity overview

A new beta section is available on your GitHub Profile: the “Activity Overview”. (blog.github.com)

Babel 7 Released (babeljs.io)


Plywood for the People -Aaron Draplin (vimeo.com)

Next level interactive documentary (nucleardissent.com)


Senior UI/UX Designer at Twitch

As a Senior UI/UX Designer, you will design impactful products for creating and consuming content for 100+ million Twitch users worldwide. The team has done ground-breaking work in Video Premieres, bringing previously recorded content to a live audience. (twitch.tv)

Product Designer at Envoy

As a product designer, you will work alongside other designers and project stakeholders, engineers, and product managers to frame problems, develop feasible ideas, validate based on feedback, and iterate accordingly. (envoy.com)

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Last but not least…

The Solo JavaScript Developer Challenging Google and Facebook (wired.com)

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