Web Design Weekly #320


My Struggle To Learn React

Learning can be hard. Admitting that can be harder. In this post Brad Frost shares his recent struggles with React which is quite inspiring. We really don’t see enough of these types of posts. (bradfrost.com)

The Front-End Tooling Survey 2018 – Results (ashleynolan.co.uk)

The key to communication between designers and engineers.

​FullStory captures every customer session on your site and replays it like a DVR, complete with the JavaScript console and all underlying code. Now you not only have an artifact of every bug, you can also send it to JIRA or another bug-tracking tool in just two clicks. Try FullStory free today! (fullstory.com)


JavaScript is Good, Actually

JavaScript gets a pretty bad wrap from some people but to be honest I write it everyday and really enjoy it. For those of you who have invested in JavaScript you might find this post comforting. (ashfurrow.com)

First Input Delay

Philip Walton introduces the metric First Input Delay (FID), Chromes latest user-centric performance metric. (developers.google.com)

How shared design system has helped us ship our designs faster

Matt Anderson talks about why creating a shared design system has boosted their organizational productivity and how you can help your teams improve product quality while reducing your company’s ‘design debt’. (product.canva.com)

How Netlify migrated to a fully multi-cloud infrastructure

Ryan Neal shares some insights into how they went about having a multi-cloud production system where they could direct traffic to different providers on demand, without interruptions. (netlify.com)

Responsive tables, revisited

Lea Verou writes about 2 extremely clever ways to handle responsive tables without any duplicate content. (lea.verou.me)

Tools / Resources

Design Systems

A hub for the broader design community to learn about and engage in discussion around the craft of building design systems. (designsystems.com)

How do you write your functional components, and why?

Jon Leopard asks the questions and and the Spectrum community has produced some great answers. (spectrum.chat)

The backdrop-filter CSS property

A nice quick introduction into the neat backdrop-filter property by Robin Rendle. (css-tricks.com)

The headers we don’t want (fastly.com)

What’s new in Chrome DevTools (youtube.com)

Unicode Patterns (yuanchuan.name)

Next.js 6 is here (zeit.co)


Metalab Redesign (metalab.co)

Working Type (airbnb.design)


Frontend Software Engineer at Canva

Our culture is unlike anywhere else and our offices are designed and constantly improved to let you do your best work. At Canva you can be part of a company that is growing rapidly, building a product that users really love. (canva.com)

Senior Product Designer at HelloSign

If you’re passionate about designing intuitive interfaces that make the most daunting of tasks delightful, we want to hear from you! HelloSign is looking for an experienced UX designer to join our Product team. (hellosign.com)

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Last but not least…

Liveshare for Visual Studio Code is out now (twitter.com)