Web Design Weekly #314


Progressive Web Apps on iOS are here

With iOS 11.3, Apple has silently added support for the basic set of new technologies behind the idea of Progressive Web Apps. (medium.com)

Spectrum is now fully open source (spectrum.chat)

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The Comprehensive Guide to JavaScript Design Patterns

Design patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems in software design. In this post Marko Mišura takes a look at some of the categories and then dives into the nitty gritty. (toptal.com)

Welcome to the age of problem roadmaps

Problem roadmaps are easier to think about, ensure your roadmap remains customer centric at all times and force you to think critically about the scope of the problem and the impact of a solution once all the evidence has come in. (medium.com)

Working on an iPad Pro as my main computer

Pretty cool to read about how Greg Jorgensen does all his programming and system admin work with an iPad Pro. (typicalprogrammer.com)

12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Static YouTube thumbnails are dead. Replace them instantly with gif-like previews

Imagine adding a line of code in your website and all embedded youtube videos have previews. This is Vuebit. Increase user interaction, double session duration, almost triple users who watch the video. Take the most out of youtube videos. (vuebit.com)

Preorder the new Going Offline book

In Going Offline, Jeremy Keith introduces you to service workers (and the code behind them) to show you the latest strategies in offline pages. It is sure to be another classic A Book Apart book. (abookapart.com)


MDX is a JSX in Markdown loader, parser, and renderer for ambitious projects. It combines the readability of Markdown with the expressivity of JSX. (github.com)

React Code Style Guide (css-tricks.com)

Diagram of modern React lifecycle methods (twitter.com)

Popular JavaScript projects on Github (boostlog.io)

Tower in Public Beta (git-tower.com)


The Inside Story of Reddit’s Redesign (wired.com)

Simon Pan’s personal site (simonpan.com)


Product Designer at InVisionApp

If you have a passion for product design and an aptitude to work in a collaborative environment, can demonstrate empathy and strong advocacy for our users, while balancing the vision and constraints of engineering, then this might be the role for you! (invisionapp.com)

Principal/Lead Designer at Khan Academy

Product Designers! Come join Khan Academy and put your passion and skill for great design toward a deeply meaningful purpose. Join us on our mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. (khanacademy.org)

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Last but not least…

Build the Right Thing (youtube.com)