Web Design Weekly #312


Interface Lovers

If you want to start your day with some inspiration from some of the top designers on the planet, look no further. I can’t believe I just discovered this site. (interfacelovers.com)

Developer Survey Results 2018 (stackoverflow.com)


The Evolution of Tools

Jon Gold shares some wise words about the current tooling landscape and what the near future looks like. He also touches on the newly released Figma API which is super exciting. (airbnb.design)

How top tech companies operate their design teams

InVision has released a report on how some of the world’s most innovative companies approach design. The Design Genome Project is an online resource describing the processes, organisational structures, and tool stacks. (invisionapp.com)

JavaScript Modules Worth Using

A quick breakdown of the most useful JavaScript modules that Travis Fischer has found himself using over and over again. (hackernoon.com)

CSS for Teams

Jenn Lukas shares some thoughts from the last two years on crafting the CSS design system for her current workplace. (thenerdary.net)

A typeface is not a tool (klim.co.nz)

Tools / Resources

Vue Design System

An open source tool for building Design Systems with Vue.js. (vueds.com)

Imaging Heap

A command line tool to measure the efficiency of your responsive image markup across viewport sizes and device pixel ratios. (github.com)

Workbox Google Analytics

If you’ve built a website that works offline, and you’re using Google Analytics, you should definitely be using Workbox so you can capture offline user-interactions too. (developers.google.com)


ReactAF does for React what Babel does for JavaScript. (hackernoon.com)

Wappalyzer – Identify technologies on websites (wappalyzer.com)

Component architecture in Figma (blog.figma.com)

Release Notes for Safari 52 (webkit.org)

Free React Bootcamp (tylermcginnis.com)


Netflix reveals a new custom typeface (itsnicethat.com)

New look for the npm website (twitter.com)


JavaScript Developer at Sparkbox

Sparkbox is looking for an experienced software developer with a real passion for building a better web. If you’re right for this position, you have solid knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while being mindful of the diverse ecosystem of devices and connections. (seesparkbox.com)

JavaScript Engineer at Help Scout

JavaScript powers the magic behind Help Scout’s apps and services, bringing them to life with delightful interactions and dynamic real-time updates. (helpscout.com)

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Last but not least…

Super Mario World made only with CSS gradients (medium.com)