Web Design Weekly #311


A Primer to Web Accessibility for Designers

A great article by Nicholas Kramer that reminds us that accessibility is a team effort between designers, developers, copywriters, and content creators. (uxplanet.org)

Celebrating the anniversary of the Web (w3.org)


Swapping Images with the Sizes Attribute

Scott Jehl explains how to simplify complex image selection with the new ‘sizes’ attribute. (filamentgroup.com)

Lessons learned from the history of design systems

A look at some milestones in the history of design systems to see what each can teach us about the best ways to build and implement these frameworks into our digital design processes. (invisionapp.com)

Really Bad Design Exercises

To mix things up Matthew Ström proposes a new ‘interesting’ idea for the hiring process. Instead of asking a candidate to design the best version of something, ask them to design the worst version of something. (matthewstrom.com)

Immersive Design: The Next 10 Years of Interfaces

A look into what happens when we design beyond a screen. (uxdesign.cc)

Tools / Resources

TypeScript — JavaScript with superpowers

People have been talking up TypeScript for quite some time, all for good reason. If you are still unsure about it, this post is a great introduction. (freecodecamp.org)

monday.com: The #1 Trello alternative for your team

Manage your design projects & tasks, plan product roadmap visually, and communicate all in one place while you stay-on-top of your team’s entire workflow. Start using monday.com today! (monday.com)

UX Storyboard Creation: A Complete Guide For Beginners

Luca Morovián walks you through all the whys and hows of UX storyboard creation plus shares template to help you get started. (uxstudioteam.com)

CSS Grid Template Builder

A simple tool to build complex CSS Grid templates. (codepen.io)


Simply drag and drop your OpenType or TrueType font files to see what’s inside them. (fontdrop.info)

Sloth – Chrome extension to help with throttle testing (github.com)

React Tools for WordPress (humanmade.com)

MobX 4 released (medium.com)


How We Adopted CSS Grid at Scale (julian.is)

Creative Audio Visualizers (tympanus.net)


JavaScript Engineer at Help Scout

JavaScript powers the magic behind Help Scout’s apps and services, bringing them to life with delightful interactions and dynamic real-time updates. (helpscout.com)

Sr. full-stack engineer at Sticker Mule

We’re searching for more to join us as we look to build one of the Internet’s best technical teams. Some of our current projects include migrating to a service architecture, inter-service communication with GCloud PubSub and GRPC, API Gateway based GraphQL, event sourcing persistence and CQRS, and manufacturing and artwork processing automation. (stickermule.com)

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Last but not least…

Lesser known CSS quirks & advanced tips (medium.com)