Web Design Weekly #304


Page speed to affect mobile search ranking

Google announced this week that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches. Time to make those website even faster 🙂 (googleblog.com)

Software rot and the case for the PWA rewrite

If you are not on the Progressive Web App train, this article might tip you over the edge. Some great words by Matt Ludwig. (dockyard.com)

CSS Grid — Learn all about CSS Grid with Wes Bos (cssgrid.io)


What’s New in HTML 5.2?

Less than a month ago, HTML 5.2 became an official W3C Recommendation. In this post, Ire Aderinokun goes over some of the major changes she thinks will impact us the most. (bitsofco.de)

React, Redux and JavaScript Architecture

James Sinclair has wrapped up a recent workshop into a pretty epic in-depth look at why you should consider using React and Redux. (jrsinclair.com)

Demystifying CSS alignment

Aligning things in CSS today isn’t quite what it used to be. We now have to take more modern ways to do CSS layout into account, like Flexbox and Grid among other things. In this post Patrick Brosset talks about what has changed and how to best approach alignment today. (medium.com)

Netlify features to surprise and delight

A quick list of some of the Netlify features you might not know about. (medium.com)

A look into the development of the new Small Multiples website (smallmultiples.com.au)

Tools / Resources

Laws of UX

Laws of UX, developed and designed by Jon Yablonski is a collection of the key maxims that designers must consider when building user interfaces. Great resource. (lawsofux.com)

Learn from the best coding experts at Treehouse.

There are lots of ways to learn coding, but Treehouse is the best at making it fun and keeping the quality high. Start with a free trial! (teamtreehouse.com)


Choosy: A smarter default browser for macOS (choosyosx.com)


A repository of publicly available design systems and pattern libraries. (uxpin.com)

Speedometer 2.0 –
A Benchmark for Modern Web App Responsiveness (webkit.org)

Jarvis – An intelligent browser based Webpack dashboard (github.com)

Hot tips on Async + Await (youtube.com)

Elixir v1.6.0 released (elixir-lang.org)


Confronting Your Fears and Taking a Leap (indiehackers.com)

Design Systems Virtual Summit (uxpin.com)


Design Lead at MetaLab

We are not looking for those with experience that only touches in advertising, branding, campaigns, or marketing. We are a digital product shop, and the ability to understand digital product building is paramount to your success. (metalab.co)

Frontend Engineer at Stripe

As Stripe looks beyond the API, we are hiring engineers to help build beautiful, usable interfaces for businesses building on top of Stripe. If you are looking for your next challenge, please reach out today. (stripe.com)

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Last but not least…

JavaScript Rising Stars (risingstars.js)