Web Design Weekly #3

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Issue #3, 15th day of July 2011

Welcome to round 3 of Web Design Weekly.
This week has some mind blowing goodness. I hope you enjoy.


The Latest in HTML5
Amazing slide deck from Eric Bidelman who is the Senior Developer Programs Engineer at Google. Slide number 8 in particularly blew my mind (using Chrome).

The TechCrunch Redesign – Money Kills Innovation. Risks Brings It To Life.
Once people become industry leaders they usually coast. They do innovative things here and there, but in general, they play it safe so they don’t rock the boat too much.

CSS-Tricks Poll – Large file on CDN or small file local?


Taking your websites and apps offline with the HTML5 appcache
John Allsopp points to some great resources out there for learning more about creating offline versions of your websites and apps. Perhaps most importantly, he introduces a simple new tool that does the heavy lifting for you, ManifestR.

Great article in response to Dan Benjamin’s Back to Work episode 23 [See ‘Podcasts’ section below]. Dan argues it is not possible to do two things really well at the same time. In summary, he explains that there simply aren’t enough hours in the day to seriously pursue two different big things.

Quoting and citing
An amazing in-depth look into citing and quoting in HTML5. Warning: IN-DEPTH!

All about the close tab behaviour in Google Chrome

Create a 404 page with CSS3 animations

HTML5 Video Voting


Learn more about each site with ‘UnderTheSite’
Good quick tool to find out what technologies were used to build a site.

UX Experience – Question and answer site for user experience researchers and experts

Subtle Patterns is a collection of 56 high quality design patterns for you to use freely

HTML5 slide deck for presentations

Podcasts / Video

Failure is ALWAYS an Option. Back to Work episode #23
This week Dan and Merlin rant about failure is ALWAYS an option: fully committing didn’t do Pickett any good, but you should commit to narrowing scope and deciding what success is. Why? Fact or Fiction: You can start a business on the side.

Kevin Rose at Future of Web Apps, Las Vegas

Last but not least

Go crazy with creating vector masks using HTML5 canvas

To be continued…

Thanks again for supporting!

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