Web Design Weekly #293


CSS is not real programming

As someone who has spent the last 6 years in CSS land, reading negative articles about CSS can be a little disheartening. Thankfully we have people like Christian Heilmann in our community to try and put those people back on the right path. (christianheilmann.com)

Relicensing React, Jest, Flow, and Immutable.js (code.facebook.com)


5 things CSS developers wish they knew before they started

Andrés Galante shares a list of things he wish he had known at the beginning of his development career. (css-tricks.com)

eBay’s Font Loading Strategy

A look into the process and implementation of how the engineering team at eBay handles custom fonts. (ebaytechblog.com)

Understanding the critical rendering path

Luis Vieira offers some solid advice on optimising the critical rendering path. (medium.com)

Building the DOM faster

Understanding what goes on inside a browser is the most powerful tool for every web developer. In this article Milica Mihajlija looks at how browsers interpret your code and how they help you load pages faster with speculative parsing. (hacks.mozilla.org)

Tracking compensation and promotion inequity (larahogan.me)

Tools / Resources

Size Limit

A tool to prevent JavaScript library bloat. With it, you know exactly for how many kilobytes your JS library increases the user bundle. (evilmartians.com)

Deploying ES2015+ Code in Production Today

Philip Walton shares some great advice on how we can utilise the new script type “module” to ship ES2015+ code to our users without shipping unnecessary code. (philipwalton.com)

The Web Developer Bootcamp

The only course you need to learn web development- HTML, CSS, JS, Node, and more! (udemy.com)

Styled Systems

Design system utilities for styled-components and other CSS in JS libraries (github.com)

A series of typographic system and variable font demonstration (rwt.io)

Start Your Engines – Firefox Quantum Lands in Beta (blog.mozilla.org)

A Modern JavaScript Cheatsheet (github.com)

Big new Enzyme release (github.com)

React v16.0 (facebook.github.io)


Short Trip

An hand-drawn, interactive illustration about a tram driver, mountains, cloaked cats and everything in between. (alexanderperrin.com.au)

The road to styled components, and the road ahead (youtube.com)

Things I Didn’t Learn In Design School (medium.com)


Senior Brand Designer at Strava

We are seeking an innovative, strategic and multidisciplinary Senior Designer for a full-time position. The ideal candidate has strong communication skills, the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and a meticulous attention to detail. (strava.com.com)

CatalystUX Designer

CatalystUX is seeking a full-time, multi-disciplined, UX designer who is capable of designing complicated enterprise applications. All applicants must have an extensive Dribbble account, a natural drive to solve difficult UX challenges and a yearning to create software that helps others. (catalystux.com)

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Last but not least…

Super quick overview of some React 16 features (egghead.io)