Web Design Weekly #291


Design tools, here’s how we can fix them

Colm Tuite dives deep into what he thinks is fundamentally broken with the current design tool model, as well as hint at the direction he think we should be headed. (medium.freecodecamp.org)

The CSS guide is back (campaignmonitor.com)

Javascript Developer (React/Redux)

Working with a team of 6 Front end developers, you will be pivotal in the company’s shift to an API-driven single page application, on an industry leading product. Putting your own stamp on a greenfields system using cool tech and Agile processes, you’ll have a guiding influence on the platform, its codebase and be a mentor to others on the team. (jumbointeractive.com)


Why you should ‘read’ a product like a book

Here’s how the little-known skill of “active reading” can teach you how great products get built – and ultimately how to be a better designer. (blog.intercom.com)

Designed for Inclusion

A great slide deck and list of resources from Manuel Matuzovic to help make your web projects more inclusive and improve the usability/user experience at the same time. (speakerdeck.com)

Saving Bandwidth with Images

Sam Thorogood shares some thoughts on SVGs, high-DPI and when you should inline images. (medium.com)

Full-Stack Developers (bradfrost.com)

Tools / Resources

Cool things you can do with GitHub

If you use GitHub on a daily basis or sporadically you are sure to find one thing in this post that helps with your workflow. (hackernoon.com)

The next generation of project management tools is here.

And it’s visual! Start your free trial now. (dapulse.com)

The Wonderful World of Webpack

This article doesn’t explain how to use Webpack. Rather, explains the reasoning behind it and what makes it more special than just a bundler. (jackhiston.com)

What’s New in React 16?

Sophia Shoemaker builds a music player whilst introducing some of the new goodies in React 16. (sitepoint.com)


A command line tool to statically analyse your page in order to generate the most optimal web font subsets, then inject them into your page. (github.com)

An experimental ESLint runner for Jest (github.com)

New Apple Interface Guidelines (developer.apple.com)

7 Helpful HTTP Tools (nordicapis.com)

Sublime Text 3.0 (sublimetext.com)

Atom-IDE (blog.atom.io)


Web App Performance Case Study: Treebo (medium.com)

Web Standards podcast #85 (medium.com)


Design Director at Thoughtbot

We’re looking for an experienced design leader to grow our design team in Boston, while also continuing to be an individual contributor. Together we’ll build both great products and a great team. (thoughtbot.com)

Senior Visual Designer at Typeform

Are you passionate about digital applications? Do you have curiosity and empathy for humans? Do you believe that design starts with problem definition? Are you a compulsive problem solver? If so, you’ve got our attention. (typeform.com)

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Last but not least…

How to Become a Successful Designer (youtube.com)