Web Design Weekly #289


Gain Motion Superpowers with requestAnimationFrame

Benjamin De Cock, User Interface Designer at Stripe dives into the power of `requestAnimationFrame` by sharing some first hand experience and great examples. (medium.com)

Serve web fonts without JavaScript (blog.typekit.com)


Managing CSS & JS in an HTTP/2 World

Delivering CSS & JS on your websites is completely different with HTTP/2. In this article Trevor Davis shares how his team approached it. (viget.com)

Offline-Friendly Forms

Max Böck offers some great advice and tips to help make your forms handle bad internet connections. (mxb.at)

Solve Your Specificity Headaches With CSS Modules

In this tutorial Louie Rootfield looks into “CSS Modules” and how it can help us minimise various CSS problems. (tutsplus.com)

How to Run a Front-End Infrastructure Team

Jyri Tuulos talks about the human aspects of front-end projects that are shared between multiple engineering teams. (tech.adroll.com)

Building UX Teams at Scale

A look inside Atlassian’s bespoke hiring process and how they’ve built a thriving design culture. (uxpin.com)

Why documentation matters

Having a hard time getting motivated to write some documentation for your project? Well hopefully this post will reinforce why you should and give you some handy tips to make it happen. (medium.com)

JavaScript Scope and Closures

Zell Liew explains the ins and outs of scopes and closures to help you understand what they are. (css-tricks.com)

Dropbox Paper’s newest features cater to designers (engadget.com)

Explaining React’s license(code.facebook.com)

Tools / Resources

A Super Quick Way to Try out CSS Grid

Jen Simmons gives a 5 minute taste of CSS Grid with a few handy CodePen examples to make things a little easier to understand. If you haven’t had time to dig into CSS Grid this is for you. (jensimmons.com)

Jetpack Professional – the only WordPress plugin you really need

Includes premium themes, business class security, and priority, expert support. (jetpack.com)

Font Review Journal

A site aimed at designers who want to discover new typefaces to add to their arsenal, or those who want to learn to appreciate old favorites on a deeper level. (fontreviewjournal.com)

Jest In Case

A Jest utility for creating variations of the same test developed by the talented James Kyle. (thejameskyle.com)


A web developer focused podcast by Wes Bos & Scott Tolinski. So far every episode has been worth it. (syntax.fm)

Capture screenshots of specific HTML nodes (twitter.com)

The State of the Web (speakerdeck.com)


Software development 450 words per minute (vincit.fi)

Our redesign of Medium’s Claps(medium.com)


Senior Product Designer at TripAdvisor

We are looking for a talented Senior UX/UI designer to design engaging experiences on TripAdvisor’s web and mobile platforms for travelers worldwide. (tripadvisor.com)

Product Designer at Trello

We’re looking for a savvy product designer to join the Product Team at Trello. Your work will have an impact on how millions of people all over the world collaborate and organize their lives. (trello.com)

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Last but not least…

How I replicated an $86 million project in 57 lines of code (freecodecamp.org)