Web Design Weekly #285


How we built Uber’s high performance web app

In this article Angus Croll describes how his team built m.uber and shares the challenges of implementing the native app experience in a super-lightweight web app. (eng.uber.com)

A day without Javascript (sonniesedge.co.uk)


Maintainable project structure for React/Redux

Matteo Mazzarolo shares some information on his journey to achieving a comfortable Redux project structure. (hackernoon.com)

Styled-Components in Action

In this article Varayut Lerdkanlayanawat walks you through the main concepts of Styled-Components along with some nice coding examples. (medium.com)

Keyboard-Only Focus

Roman Komarov explains how we can go about mak­ing our el­e­ments that have a dis­tinct bright fo­cus state and also look good when users use a mouse, a track­pad etc. (kizu.ru)

My History with Web Development (alexkras.com)

Tools / Resources

Bootstrap to CSS Grid

Natalya Shelburne shares some awesome tips about using CSS Grid today if you happen to work with a biggish team, on an older project, or are faced with some real-world constraints. (medium.com)

Visuals are processed 60K times faster in the brain than text. Find the perfect visuals for your project at iStock.

Easily search millions of powerful images and video clips at iStock and ensure your project truly stands out. Until July 6th new customers can save 15% with code KZKPC46N. Make an impact without breaking the bank. (istockphoto.com)

Write more readable & maintainable components

In this Front End Center episode Glen Maddern looks at how one idea from Object-Oriented — The Single Responsibility Principle can help design and extract more readable, reusable and maintainable React components. Must watch. (youtube.com)


Crawl a website and run it through Google lighthouse (npmjs.com)

Frontend Patterns

A good resource. Discover solutions to common design/UX problems. (gov.uk)

Code Daily

Nice tutorials, screencasts, guided courses, and full app rebuilds. (codedaily.io)

The Developer’s Edition of HTML makes a comeback (blog.whatwg.org)

TypeScript 2.4 released (microsoft.com)


Suggestive Drawing Among Human and Artificial Intelligences(nono.ma)

Etsy Lessons (larahogan.me)


API/Backend Engineer at ShiftLeft

We are looking for a talented API engineer who can help us continue to grow our front-end services comprised of Go, GraphQL, and React. (shiftleft.io)

Senior Interaction Designer at VMware

VMware’s End User Computing User Experience Team is looking for a talented senior interaction designer to join our team and help us create the next generation of products for our organization. We have lofty plans so you must be up for a challenge! (vmware.com)

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Last but not least…

An important thread discussing the downsides to open source (twitter.com)