Web Design Weekly #284


Casting Graphite in Gold

Daniel Eden shares some broad themes that he has found lead to happier, more productive relationships between Designers and Engineers that are often overlooked when working together. (daneden.me)

Creating truly universal React component systems

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A Working Pattern Library

Ethan Marcotte shares a few tips on how organisations can continue to build upon and utilise all the ground work that went into creating a pattern library, as opposed to leaving it to become redundant. (ethanmarcotte.com)

Why I Chose React Over Vue

If you are curious on which one to use for your next project this post by Steven Poulton is to the point and easy to digest. (medium.com)

The Best Way to Learn Development Skills (While Getting Paid)

Michael Mangialardi shares some ideas on how you can put in a little extra effort whilst learning a particular skill set with the possibility of getting financial rewards at the same time. (hackernoon.com)

Modern routing for publishers

A look into the evolution of the Financial Times routing layer over the last couple of years. (matt.chadburn.co.uk)

Treat your Build Pipeline as a Product (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Webpack 3: Official Release

Hot on the heels of V2, V3’s main features include scope hoisting and magic comments. Migrating from Webpack 2 to 3 is as easy as running the upgrade commands in your terminal. Get upgrading folks. (medium.com)

Free eBook: How to start a WordPress maintenance business

Our 50+ page eBooks covers everything you need to know to start your WordPress maintenance business. (godaddy.com)

How to get the most out of the JavaScript console

If you want to take your debugging to the next level then this post by Darryl Pargeter is highly recommended. Darryl takes a deeper look into the console object and some of the other methods that come with it. (medium.freecodecamp.com)

Inclusive Components

A blog all about designing inclusive web interfaces. (inclusive-components.design)

Migrating from Jekyll+Github Pages to Hugo+Netlify (sarasoueidan.com)

Accept Stripe Payments with React and Express (robinwieruch.de)


How To Give Helpful Product Design Feedback (mikeindustries.com)

Connect: behind the front-end experience (stripe.com)


Senior Designer at Fathom

We’re looking for an experienced, hands-on, versatile designer who can demonstrate both finesse and flair across a variety of mediums including app, web and print. Someone who can think deeply, speak clearly, loves collaboration and is ready to grow into a leadership role. (fathomhq.com)

Freelance Digital Designer (Contract) at Sendle

We require a Designer to redesign and provide an atomic style guide for Sendle which will be implemented in HubSpot. Experience with HubSpot and HTML/CSS will be an obvious advantage, but not essential. (sendle.com)

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Last but not least…

The Append-Only Stylesheet Problem (css-tricks.com)