Web Design Weekly #280


A Unified Styling Language

Mark Dalgleish shares some thoughts around the current CSS-in-JS landscape, why people do it, and why the CSS community should care. (medium.com)

DevTools: State of the Union 2017 (youtube.com)

UX teams learn from customers faster with NomNom

Get all your customer feedback and user research in one place. (nomnom.it)


Managing resources for large-scale testing

An interesting look into how engineers at Facebook can use a single API to communicate with a range of remote resources within their tests and other automated systems. (code.facebook.com)

Stuff at the Top of an SVG

Peter Nowell explains all that mysterious code at the top of an SVG file and some tips on when you can get rid of it. (medium.com)

HTTPS on Stack Overflow: The End of a Long Road

It’s been a bit of an epic for Stack Overflow to go full-HTTPS. This post by Nick Craver shares the finer details of long journey. (nickcraver.com)

Enforcing CSS Syntax Style

Chris Coyier covers a selection of tools that you might find helpful to keep your codebase consistent. (css-tricks.com)

REST 2.0 Is Here and Its Name Is GraphQL

Throughout this article Michael Paris, looks at how you might tackle a few common use-cases with REST and GraphQL. (sitepoint.com)

Google IO 2017 – Web Development Notes

Some high level notes about this years Google IO. (last-child.com)

Tools / Resources

Create React App with an Express Backend

In this post Dave Ceddia explains how to set up a React app alongside an Express backend app, and wire up the UI to fetch some data from the backend. (daveceddia.com)

Do You Build WordPress Sites?

Earn top commissions by promoting the Jetpack products millions of WordPress professionals love. (jetpack.com)

Little Things I Like to Do with Git

Harry Roberts shares some useful Git snippets that he uses frequently. (csswizardry.com)

PostCSS Normalize

This PostCSS package lets you automatically include the parts of normalize.css you need, based upon your project’s browserlist. (github.com)

Grid by Example

Everything you need to learn CSS Grid Layout (gridbyexample.com)

3,600 Icons With Personality (ego-icons.com)

Styled Components v2 (medium.com)

Autoprefixer 7.0 (evilmartians.com)


CSS and the hierarchy problem: What makes a CSS developer? (youtube.com)

GitHub is moving to GraphQL (github.com)


Product Designer (UI & Marketing) – Remote at Piggy

We are seeking a talented Product Designer (remote) to help revamp our UI to help revamp our browser extensions, mobile apps, and website. (joinpiggy.com)

Designer at Drivy

We are looking for a talented designer with strong UX and UI skills to help us create a great experience for our million+ users. (drivy.com)

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Last but not least…

The largest Git repo on the planet (microsoft.com)