Web Design Weekly #279


Mavo – Create Web Apps Entirely By Writing HTML

Mavo helps you turn your static HTML into reactive web applications without a single line of programming code and no server backend. Lea Verou has also written a great introduction article over on Smashing Magazine that is worth a read. (mavo.io)

Announcing JSON Feed (jsonfeed.org)

Snag the hottest new domain name for designers

.design domains were just released and some of the best ones are still available. Normally cost $35 but Web Design Weekly subscribers get them now for only $5 (we.design)


The bridge between CSS, JavaScript and the browser

Serg Hospodarets shares a glimps into the future with this detailed slidedeck. Covering the basic of CSS Custom Properties then looking into registering new Custom Properties from JavaScript. (slides.com)

CSS and the First Meaningful Paint

This talk by Patrick Hamann explores the current, past and future best-practices for loading CSS in the browser and how we can achieve a first meaningful paint within 1000ms. Ultimately creating a faster, more resilient experience for our users. (pusher.com)

Using Fetch

Browsers nowadays have improved so much that they support the Fetch API, which is a modern way to Ajax without helper libraries like jQuery or Axios. In this article, Zell Liew explains how to use Fetch to handle both success and errors. (css-tricks.com)

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js

This guide attempts to give you a good starting point for all the d3 areas that you might want to dive into. (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Learn CSS Grid

CSS Grid is the new hotness and Jonathan Suh has you covered. He has created a detailed guide that will help you better understand and learn all about it. (learncssgrid.com)

Learn UX Design online, with an expert mentor. Build your portfolio.

Springboard’s self-paced course with 1-on-1 mentorship will help you understand users better & build products they love. BONUS: enroll now & get a 1 yr. subscription to Lynda.com, worth $240! (springboard.com)


Polypane is a cross-platform browser for responsive web design and development. It has the ability to view your site in multiple screen sizes at once and make it look great, everywhere. (polypane.rocks)

Snapshot Testing React with Jest

In this tutorial, Dave Ceddia looks into what snapshot tests are and how to start using them with React. (daveceddia.com)

Style Guide Guide

A boilerplate for creating superb style guides. (bradfrost.github.io)

Launchpad – GraphQL server demo platform (apollodata.com)

10 advanced WP-CLI tricks (danielbachhuber.com)

Prototyping in Sketch (invisionapp.com)

Yarn Create & Yarn 1.0 (yarnpkg.com)


Walking Through Design in Tokyo (uxdesign.cc)

Inside Design: LinkedIn (invisionapp.com)


Designer at Drivy

We are looking for a talented designer with strong UX and UI skills to help us create a great experience for our million+ users. (drivy.com)

Product Designer at Zendesk

We are looking for a designer whose portfolio demonstrates excellence in solving challenging user experience challenges with simple, empathetic solutions. You’re a clear communicator, keen on experimentation and comfortable with complex workflows. (zendesk.com)

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Last but not least…

Your tech job posting is broken. Here’s how to fix it. (medium.com)