Web Design Weekly #277


Getting Started With Headless Chrome

Headless Chrome is shipping in Chrome 59. It’s a way to run the Chrome browser in a headless environment. Essentially, running Chrome without chrome! It brings all modern web platform features provided by Chromium and the Blink rendering engine to the command line. (developers.google.com)

We’ve Mastered the Screen, What’s Next? (medium.com)

Snag the hottest new domain name for designers

.design domains were just released and some of the best ones are still available. Normally cost $35 but Web Design Weekly subscribers get them now for only $5. (we.design)


Infrastructure evolution at BuzzFeed

Matt Reiferson shares some inside knowledge on how and why BuzzFeeds infrastructure has evolved into a service-oriented architecture. (tech.buzzfeed.com)

CSS Custom Properties and Theming

Chris Coyier looks into some of the use cases for theming a site or component using CSS Custom Properties. (css-tricks.com)

TypeScript at Slack

Given how quickly static type checking is gaining traction in the JavaScript landscape, Felix Rieseberg wanted to share his teams experiences and practices for all of us to gain a little more insight. (slack.engineering)

Putting WordPress into Hyperdrive

Josh Habdas shares some tips on how to setup a $5 Vultr box and Redis with Load Impact to support up to 7000 concurrent WordPress users. (hackernoon.com)

How Facebook Live Scales (designingforscale.com)

Tools / Resources

Some tips for getting started with Redux

Dave Draper shares some rock solid advice for those that are getting their teeth into Redux. (medium.com)

Online Master’s in Information Design and Strategy

This online, part-time program at Northwestern University is taught by industry leaders and top professors (northwestern.edu)

Winning with CSS Variables

Violet Peña walks through the basics of CSS variables (CSS Custom Properties), how they are different from Sass variables and how to provide legacy support for older browsers. (vgpena.github.io)

What’s happening in CSS?

A list of links to track what is happening in CSS and browsers. (rachelandrew.co.uk)

Sketching a Design System with React-SketchApp (design-nation.icons8.com)

Release Notes for Safari Technology Preview 29 (webkit.org)

How to Setup HTTPS Locally (deliciousbrains.com)


Overtime with Linda Eliasen (dribbble.com)

Atlassian Design (atlassian.design)


Product Designer at Base

Join a growing team of designers who are passionate about creating the next game changing experiences in business software. As a full-time Product Designer in our San Francisco office, you’ll be involved in conceptualising, designing and prototyping new cross-platform features inside of our application. (getbase.com)

Senior Developer at Simplecast

We’re seeking a Senior Developer to join the Simplecast team; someone with a passion for actualizing the future of podcasting. They will dedicate themselves to building Simplecast into one of the premiere hosting and syndication solutions for podcasters. (waywardwild.com)

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Last but not least…

The Ultimate CSS Survey

SitePoint’s 2nd annual CSS Survey to give us a better idea of the knowledge, experience, habits, and practices of CSS developers from around the world. (sitepoint.com)

NPM 5 will save by default (github.com)