Web Design Weekly #276


Painting with Code

Airbnb’s new open source library lets you design with React and render your production React components into Sketch, use real API data seamlessly and use Sketch as a canvas to build experimental tooling on top of.  (airbnb.design)

Free eBook: How to start a WordPress maintenance business

Our 50+ page eBooks covers everything you need to know to start your WordPress maintenance business. (godaddy.com)


When Does a Project Need (insert JS framework)?

A post which focuses on React but with the idea that any framework can be substituted. If you have doubts on when to grab a framework then this post is worth reading. (css-tricks.com)

It’s Time To Start Using CSS Custom Properties

Serg Hospodarets dives deep into CSS custom properties, including their syntax, their advantages, good usage examples and how to interact with them from JavaScript. (smashingmagazine.com)

A design lesson 3.5 billion years in the making

Wise words from Kostya Gorskiy who is the design lead at Intercom. Kostya floats some ideas about choosing ways a product should evolve. (blog.intercom.com)

DOM2Texture: Abusing Arcane APIs

Warning this is a pretty epic post. Das Surma explains how he rendered the DOM to a canvas element so it was possibly to use CSS layouting and text rendering in WebGL (and WebVR!). (dassur.ma)

Migrating from Heroku to AWS

Gordon Worley shares how the team at AdStage migrated from Heroku to AWS with only a few minor hiccups. A great post is you are keen to nerd out on infrastructure goodness. (medium.com)

It’s Time to Embrace Arrow Functions (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Stark – Colour blind simulator & contrast checker for Sketch

Easily check your designs against the 8 different types of colour blindness. (getstark.co)

Gemini 2

Awesome app that automatically removes duplicate files and frees up disk space. (macpaw.com)

Awesome styled-components

A curated list of delightful styled-components packages and resources. (github.com)

Async iterators and generators (jakearchibald.com)

JavaScript Patterns for 2017 (youtube.com)


CSSconf comes to Berlin

After a year-long pause, CSSconf EU is coming back to Berlin. CSS developers from all over the world come together for a 1 day, 1 track conference. Tickets are still available and Berlin is beautiful in May – get yours now. (cssconf.eu)

Knuckling down: From a hobby to a job (medium.com)

Me and SVG (codepen.io)


Senior Developer at Simplecast

We’re seeking a Senior Developer to join the Simplecast team; someone with a passion for actualizing the future of podcasting. They will dedicate themselves to building Simplecast into one of the premiere hosting and syndication solutions for podcasters. (waywardwild.com)

Product Designer at Creative Market

You live & breathe brilliant product design thinking and execution. You’re passionate about a/b testing, conversion optimization, user experience design, and user research. (creativemarket.com)

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Last but not least…

What Programming Languages Are Used Most on Weekends? (stackoverflow.blog)