Web Design Weekly #275


How we built Twitter Lite

An awesome insight into what it takes to develop and release one of the most advanced Progressive Web Apps on the internet. Huge props to all involved for making this happen. Inspiring stuff. (blog.twitter.com)

Crazy tool that lets you actually watch your visitors use your site

Truly understand your web and mobile site visitors and make improvements immediately. Try it for free. (hotjar.com)


Influencing redesign

Ed Chao, a designer at Dropbox, shares some great tips on how to get the daunting task of a complete organisational redesign over the line. If you work at a big company this is a great read. (medium.com)

The invisible parts of CSS

Mike Riethmuller sheds some light on the invisible parts of CSS, touching only on what you need to know and hopefully explaining the process in a logical order, so that you can gain a better understand of how CSS actually works. As always, epically good post. (madebymike.com.au)

Does CSS Grid Replace Flexbox?

If you have used Flexbox a bit and are a little confused how CSS Grid fits into the equation, Robin Rendle explains things in a clear and concise manner to get you up to speed on when to use what. (css-tricks.com)

How To Secure Your Web App With HTTP Headers

In this article, Hagay Lupesko explains how we can leverage HTTP response headers to tighten up the security of our web apps with just a few lines of code. (smashingmagazine.com)

Tools / Resources

DevMountain is the best value 12-week immersive code school in the U.S.

DevMountain takes you from basics to interviews with leading companies in 12 weeks away from the hassle of daily life with FREE accommodation while you learn. (devmountain.com)

Applying Progressive Enhancement on a WebVR project

Arturo Paracuellos shares his workflow for applying Progressive Enhancement in a WebVR project with Three JS. Pretty awesome work to be honest. (unboring.net)


A styled-components and jsxstyle inspired solution for styling React Components from the team at PayPal. The intro blogpost is also worth reading. (github.com)

Michael Taranto – Teaching CSS to talk like a designer (youtube.com)

Setting up multi-platform npm packages (2ality.com)


CSSconf comes to Berlin

After a year-long pause, CSSconf EU is coming back to Berlin. CSS developers from all over the world come together for a 1 day, 1 track conference. Tickets are still available and Berlin is beautiful in May – get yours now. (cssconf.eu)

An Overview of Twitter’s Front-End Architecture. (pusher.com)

My Setup and Tools – Harry Roberts (csswizardry.com)

Confetti Cannon (codepen.io)


Product Designer at Zendesk

As a result of our growing operations in the APAC region, we’re now seeking a Product Designer to work alongside a newly formed product team in Melbourne. We are looking for a systems designer that will focus on user management, billing and trial experiences for all Zendesk products. (zendesk.com)

Product Designer at Box

The Box Design Team is growing and we’re looking for a few great Product Designers to join us at our Redwood City H.Q. We’re a small team of full-stack designers building the next generation of cloud collaboration software to accelerate innovation and remove barriers for our customers. (box.com)

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Last but not least…

Background Blend Modes (codepen.io)