Web Design Weekly #274


The Unnecessary Fragmentation of Design Jobs

Jonas Downey, a Designer from Basecamp shares his thoughts on all the fragmentation around design job titles and gives some suggestions on how to approach it. (m.signalvnoise.com)

CSS is Not Broken (keithjgrant.com)

Peace of mind for freelancers

A great tool to provide better insight and bring calmness to the everyday rollercoaster ride that is freelancing. (cushionapp.com)


Plainness and Sweetness

Frank Chimero, one of the most talented and thoughtful designers in our industry drops some words of wisdom. (frankchimero.com)

8 CSS gotchas to start your morning off right

Isaac Lyman shares a list of some of the biggest surprises you’re likely to face as a CSS newbie and some advice for navigating them. (medium.com)

Preload, Prefetch And Priorities in Chrome

Addy Osmani dives into insights from Chrome’s networking stack to provide clarity on how web loading primitives (like <link rel=“preload”> & <link rel=“prefetch”>) work behind the scenes so you can be more effective with them. (medium.com)

Building a CSS Grid Overlay

Andreas Larsen looks into what it takes to build a grid overlay with CSS. The example is responsive, easily customisable and uses CSS variables. (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

Build and deploy websites (even with custom domains) on CodePen!

With CodePen Projects, not only can you build a website with all the files you need, right in your browser, but you can deploy that website. By default you’ll get a CodePen URL that shows your complete site with zero additional UI, but you can also point a custom domain at your Project as well! (codepen.io)

Designing responsive web layouts in React Studio

A tutorial that walks you through some of the most essential layout features in React Studio, a new web app design tool. (hackernoon.com)


Glimmer is one of the fastest DOM rendering engines, delivering exceptional performance for initial renders as well as updates. (glimmerjs.com)


Beautiful, Fast, & Simple GitHub Project Pages. (compositor.io)


A lightweight toolset for writing styles in JavaScript. (polished.js.org)

Huge Safari 10.1 Update (developer.apple.com)


An awesome freelance copywriter’s homepage (getcoleman.com)

Web Security with April King and Alex Sexton (shoptalkshow.com.com)

Runkeeper: A Usability Case Study (blog.prototypr.io)


Product Designer at WeWork

We’re all passionate, energetic and hungry to give our members every advantage and to contribute to their success. We are rapidly expanding our product line to meet member needs and you will work with all stakeholders to understand our members, their existing pain points, and will provide world class interfaces that solve those pain points. (wework.com)

Web Designer at GitHub

GitHub is looking for a designer to join our Web Design team. As a Web Designer, you’d work closely with other designers, product managers, engineers, and our marketing team to translate ideas into delightful and informative visual designs. (github.com)

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Last but not least…

8 Tips To Become A Better Front End Developer (hackernoon.com)