Web Design Weekly #272


The Bricks We Lay

A little rant by Ethan Marcotte that conveys some really fundamental points around design. As always, a super solid piece of writing. (ethanmarcotte.com)

Showcase Your Work with a Squarespace Website

Create your beautiful online portfolio with a unique domain and an award-winning template. Squarespace gives you everything you need to create and manage your website, including free hosting, top-of-the-line security, and 24/7 support. Use code WEBWEEKLY to save 10% on your first purchase. (squarespace.com)


Getting to know CSS Grid Layout

CSS Grid is the most critical layout feature to come to browsers since Flexbox. It allows us to escape some of the magic numbers, hacks, and workarounds that we’ve grown accustomed to using for the last 15 years. It brings simplicity to declaring layouts that will tear a chunk out of most of the major CSS frameworks, and reduce bloat in our own hand crafted styles. (cm.engineering)

Large-Scale Web Development Using TypeScript

This article discusses the technology decisions that bet365 made during the development of their latest site and how those choices allowed them to deliver the site under massive pressure. (bet365techblog.com)

Introspection of an Open Source Effort

Martin Heidegger shares a personal reflection of his time working on NodeSchool and why he quit. (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

React Loadable

Developed by James Kyle, Loadable is a higher-order component (a function that creates a component) which makes it easy to split up bundles on a component level. If you are having issues with your bundle size you should totally look into this. (medium.com)

Hire Top Designers Faster

The search is over. Let Toptal connect you with the world’s most talented web and UX designers. Get started today. (toptal.com)

A horizontal scrolling navigation pattern

In this post Ben Frain creates a simple scrollable panel for touch, augmented with click and drag functionality for mouse input, along with direction overflow indicators. (benfrain.com)

Expo Sketch

A Playground for React Native (sketch.expo.io)

Profiling your Realtime Database Performance (firebase.googleblog.com)

Video command line training by Remy Sharp (terminal.training)


CodePen Radio – Rrefactoring (blog.codepen.io)

Responsive Web Design Podcast with Frank Chimero (responsivewebdesign.com)

How hating code made me a better designer (medium.freecodecamp.com)


Senior Product Designer at ThoughtSpot

As a senior product designer at ThoughtSpot, you will be working at the forefront of data and design. You’ll pioneer compelling ways to help users explore, question, collaborate and receive insights about their business across any device anytime anywhere. (thoughtspot.com)

Lead Product Designer at Fantasy

A lead product designer at Fantasy works to ship world-class products for pioneering companies. You will lead a talented team working hands on with organizations to create future experiences that might range from global mobile OS’s to in-vehicle user interfaces for autonomous cars. (fantasy.co)

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Last but not least…

GIPHY Capture

The best way to create GIFs on your Mac. (giphy.com)

React Conf 2017: Day 1 (youtube.com)

React Conf 2017: Day 2 (youtube.com)