Web Design Weekly #271


Welcome to the Grid

Eric Meyer is excited about the grid but one thing he wants us to understand is CSS Grid is not Tables 2.0. Not even close. (meyerweb.com)

State of Responsive Images 2017 (cloudfour.com)

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Forbes’s New Progressive Web App

A little overview of the new Forbes mobile site being a Progressive Web App. Pretty awesome to see such a large company get on board this new technology. (niemanlab.org)

A practical guide to UX on the cheap

Vincent Feeney shares some great tips in turning a ‘no budget’ situation into a positive. (medium.freecodecamp.com)

The benefits of learning how to code layouts with CSS

Having a deep understanding of layouts gives us so much power as Jen Simmons explains. One of the big takeaways from this article that I couldn’t agree more with (especially as CSS Grid is just around the corner) is we should be designing layouts like we design everything else – typography, colour – unique to each project. (jensimmons.com)

Why developers should learn design

We constantly hear about how designers should learn to code, but it works both ways. In order to create amazing products, developers should also learn design. (blog.invisionapp.com)

Tools / Resources

Deep dive – Font metrics, line-height and vertical-align

Quite an epic post by Vincent De Oliveira. Even if you are a seasoned CSS developer I’m sure you’ll gain some extra knowledge. Great post. (iamvdo.me)

Exploring Repeat Grid In Adobe XD

A step-by-step walk through of Adobe XD’s incredible repeat grid feature, which eliminates the tedious aspects of a designer’s workflow. (blogs.adobe.com)

Introduction to Web Audio API

Greg Hovanesyan shares some great insights into the Web Audio API for us newbies. (css-tricks.com)


A pretty nifty idea. Scrimba gives anyone the ability to create a coding screencast with a few clicks. (scrimba.com)

Publish to WordPress from Google Docs (github.com)

Websites to Generate SVG Patterns (css-tricks.com)

10 React mini-patterns (hackernoon.com)


A Career Retrospective — 10 years working in tech (medium.com)

Logobook – The worlds finest logos (logobook.com)

Against The Whiteboard (medium.com)


Product Designer at Automattic

As a Product Designer at Automattic, you’ll develop your original ideas from half-formed thoughts into services used by millions of people. You’ll be a creative force in a small interdisciplinary team, responsible not just for what a product looks like but for how it works. (automattic.com)

Graphic Designer at GitHub

As a graphic designer at GitHub, you will create visuals that delight and inform. You will collaborate daily with various teams to execute work that enhances the GitHub brand. Clear communication skills are required, with an emphasis on the ability to give and receive direct feedback. Most of all, you want to create designs that people love. (github.com)

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Last but not least…

Emoji Analysis of Github Commit Messages (github.com)