Web Design Weekly #270


Container Queries

Ethan Marcotte puts forward some really good points on why container queries really have a place as our designs become more modular and pattern-driven. (ethanmarcotte.com)

Powerful Web Design Software. CMS & Hosting Included.

Design, launch and manage pixel-perfect websites faster with Webydo’s all-in-one web design software. Perfect for web designers and digital agencies, Webydo has all the tools you need to run and grow a web design business from client billing to white label branding and more. (webydo.com)


Moving Airbnb Search to React

Horace Ko from Airbnb explains how the dev team were able to use experiments to confidently launch a refactored search page. (medium.com)

Getting started with Angular’s Router

A great guide put together by Todd Motto that covers and explores the ins and outs of the Angular router. (toddmotto.com)

The Unexpected Power of Viewport Units in CSS

If you want great flexibility in tailoring a site’s elements to a wide array of devices, viewport units are the perfect fit. (lullabot.com)

The Case Of The Forgotten Typeface (fastcodesign.com)

Tools / Resources

Implementing Critical CSS on your website

Andrew Welch shares some great advice on why you should take the time to implement Critical CSS for your projects. (nystudio107.com)

15 reasons why Affinity Designer is the best choice for UX designers

A new version of Affinity Designer is out and with an impressive feature set. They took the best of Sketch, Photoshop and Illustrator and mashed it into one app. (affinity.serif.com)

Shape Shifter

A web-app that simplifies the process of creating SVG-based path morphing animations. (alexjlockwood.github.io)


Write CSS without worrying that overzealous, pre-existing styles will cause problems. MaintainableCSS is an approach to writing modular, scalable and of course, maintainable CSS. (maintainablecss.com)


Email delivery services built for developers, by developers. (sparkpost.com)

Powerful new features for businesses on GitHub.com (github.com)

CSS Tip: Use :not to Save Time and Lines of Code (theboldreport.net)

React FAQ (reactfaq.site)


Hoefler&Co. Typeface Review (twitter.com)

Interview with Harry Roberts (ignaciodenuevo.com)

The CodePen Spark (codepen.io)


Product Designer at Scribd

Scribd is seeking a Product Designer who will drive the vision and direction of our design efforts across mobile and web platforms. (scribd.com)

Front-End Engineering Manager at MailChimp

MailChimp is seeking a Front-end Manager to help us build the MailChimp application. You’ll manage our front-end product development team and work with our customer–service team to resolve issues as they arise and to build new functionality into our product. (mailchimp.com)

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Last but not least…

Image CDNs to the Rescue

This week Glen Maddern released another Front End Center episode for all of you to enjoy. Glen offers a pro subscription and this weeks was next level awesomeness. He even created a nifty little resource to help learn more about Z-Index which goes hand in hand with that episode. (youtube.com)