Web Design Weekly #268


On Design Tools and Processes

A great piece by Viljami Salminen that explores the past and present design tool landscape and puts forward some great points on where we should be aiming to head in the future. (viljamis.com)

What is a Web Developer?

Peter-Paul Koch states a Web Developer is a programmer who is not only able to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand, but also has a deep understanding of what browsers can do to that code. Do you agree? (quirksmode.org)

JazzCon.Tech – Web & JavaScript Development Conference

Join us in New Orleans for a 3 day event, March 22-24. All tickets include a full workshop day and 2 conference days with 4 concurrent tracks. Use discount code – JCT17HUI for $50 off the ticket price. (jazzcon.tech)


Most of the web really sucks if you have a slow connection

A great reminder that just because you have good internet it doesn’t mean others do. Make time for this. On a side note, it is good to see the site produces a high Google PageSpeed score ;-). (danluu.com)

CSS and Progressive Enhancement

JavaScript is often blamed for when talking about progressive enhancement but is not always the biggest culprit. In this post Michael Scharnagl looks into why CSS can fail, why fallbacks are important and how to progressively enhance CSS. (justmarkup.com)

How the UX Plan was Born

Noah Stokes who is the Lead Product Designer at Creative Market shares how he changed his product design process by utilising simple tools like Dropbox Paper. (medium.com)

A deep dive into children in React

Max Stoiber digs into the power of children in React in great detail. (mxstbr.blog)

Tools / Resources

A guide to cross-browser testing: installing all the things

David Gilbertson shares a good guide for setting up the bits and pieces required to test a bunch of different browsers and devices. (hackernoon.com)

The Evolution and Future of JS & Front End Build Tools

Eric Kim from Quantum Mob has a look at the current build tools available and gives some sound advice on which ones you should think about using. (blog.qmo.io)


Automatic and enhanced Google Analytics tracking for common user interactions on the web. (github.com)

Text Input Effects

Simple ideas for enhancing text input interactions. (tympanus.net)

WebGradients – a free collection of 180 linear gradients (webgradients.com)

ImageOptim Web API is now live (imageoptim.com)



A podcast about digital product design. Hosted by thoughtbot Chief Design Officer Kyle Fiedler & Reda Lemeden.(tentative.fm)

Dwitter – Social network for short JS demos (dwitter.net)

How I started drawing CSS Images (blog.prototypr.io)


Frontend Developer at Contentful

As a Frontend Developer in our product success team, you’ll work on continuously shaping and reshaping the path that leads users from curiosity to happiness. (contentful.com)

Senior Product Designer at Strava

Come be a part of a team of designers passionate about creating beautiful and inspiring design experiences that help Athletes train, connect, and reach their full potential. (strava.com)

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Last but not least…

Tech and the Fake Market tactic (medium.com)