Web Design Weekly #266


The story of a designer conquering mathematics

An inspiring story by Jinju Jang that explores the reasons for relearning some mathematics principles to level up her design skills. (blog.framer.com)

The Promise of a Burger Party

One of the better articles explaining JavaScript Promises I’ve read. (kosamari.com)

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Free, faster.

Ethan Marcotte shares a few interesting thoughts around budget-constrained organisations using a free theme as opposed to choosing to do a full redesign. (ethanmarcotte.com)

A deep dive on Angular decorators

Todd Motto looks into the different types of decorators, the code they compile to and how they work. (toddmotto.com)

How we’re using Component Based Design

Component Based Design is often talked about in context of large, complex projects but in this post the Lewis & Humphreys team make a strong case that it’s also very beneficial for smaller projects. (medium.com)

Introduction to Vue.js

Vue.js is gaining traction more and more each week. If you need an introduction this post by Sarah Dranser is tops. (css-tricks.com)

The end of the clearfix hack? (rachelandrew.co.uk)

Tools / Resources

A Guide to Webpack 2 and Module Bundling

This article is aimed at those who are new to webpack and will cover initial setup and configuration, modules, loaders, plugins, code splitting and hot module replacement. (sitepoint.com)

npm for Beginners: A Guide for Front-end Developers

If you happen to be new to front-end development and are a little confused about what npm is and why you’d want to use it, this post is for you. (impressivewebs.com)

Web Field Manual 4.0

The Web Field Manual has gotten a fresh coat of paint. Updates include a major redesign, an all new tools section and the removal of some less popular items. (webfieldmanual.com)

WebVR Rocks – Guide to Virtual Reality in the browser (webvr.rocks)

Hero Patterns – Repeatable SVG background patterns (heropatterns.com)


Major design trends we will see emerge in 2017 (quora.com)

Unsplash 5.0 (medium.com)

Advice for Young Designers (innovatemap.com)


Front-end Developer at Lullabot

We’re hiring a full-time front-end developer with expertise in CSS, JavaScript, and React/Redux application development. This position requires 30 hours per week of client billable work usually dedicated to a single project, and another 10 hours of learning, communicating and making the web a better place. (lullabot.com)

Product Designer at Pusher

We’re going to do this by creating even more great products which are beautiful, simple to use, reliable and built with developers in mind. Now we’re looking for a Designer to help us get there. (pusher.com)

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Last but not least…

This browser tweak saved 60% of requests to Facebook (code.facebook.com)