Web Design Weekly #265


Understanding the Critical Rendering Path

Ire Aderinokun explains in a clear and concise manner why having knowledge of the critical rendering path for web pages is useful for understanding how a site’s performance can be improved. (bitsofco.de)

Opinions of Leaders Considered Harmful (cssmojo.com)

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Design like a Developer

Some great tips on how to go about designing as if you were building UI components in a development environment. (medium.com)

Crash Course – UI Design

A pretty epic article by Jeff Wang that revisits the design process he took on a recent project from the UI angle. (medium.com)

A Simple Use of CSS Grid

A nice little primer to get your feet wet with CSS Grid. (theboldreport.net)

The Infrastructure Behind Twitter – Scale (blog.twitter.com)

Tools / Resources

A Quick Intro to Styled Components

Sacha Greif gives us a small glimpse into Styled Components so we can decide if it’s worth checking out. (freecodecamp.com)

Practical Redux, Part 8

Another awesome deep dive into the inner workings of Redux by Mark Erikson. If you happen to be working with Redux, Mark’s series is a must read. (blog.isquaredsoftware.com)

An Introduction to Observables for Angular Developers

Jen Looper looks into the concept of the Observable; what they are, why she prefers them to other methods for handling data and some real world examples. (developer.telerik.com)

Awesome Case Studies

A curated list of technical case studies, mostly around front-end/creative development. (github.com)

Running Express, Koa And Hapi On HTTP/2 (ivanjov.com)


Smashing Magazine Case Study (sarasoueidan.com)

Developer Tea with Wes Bos (spec.fm)

New Mozilla Branding (subtraction.com)


Designer at Help Scout

Designers at Help Scout are responsible for the brand, and for creating an exceptional product experience. Everything customer-facing passes through the design team in some way. You’ll be making things that are seen and/or used by several hundred thousand people every month. (helpscout.net)

Product Designer at Pusher

We’re going to do this by creating even more great products which are beautiful, simple to use, reliable and built with developers in mind. Now we’re looking for a Designer to help us get there. (pusher.com)

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Last but not least…

JavaScript Rising Stars (risingstars2016.js.org)