Web Design Weekly #264


Modernizing our Progressive Enhancement Delivery

A glimpse into how the Filament Group went about speeding up their site load time and reducing the reliance on network requests by utilising HTTP/2 and Service Workers. Great read. (filamentgroup.com)

Get Started with Debugging JavaScript in Chrome DevTools (developers.google.com)

The First Ecommerce Platform Made For Web Designers

​Zoey allows web designers to visually create sophisticated ecommerce sites with no code and launch them in a few clicks. Instead of wrestling with code, dealing with development delays and stressing over hosting issues, try Zoey. We help designers launch sites 4x faster with 25% higher margins. (zoey.com)


Best Practices In Component-Based Systems

The very talented Max Stoiber explains how to go about building user interfaces with small, focused and independent components, splitting container and presentational components; and having single-use CSS class names to produce a more maintainable codebase. (smashingmagazine.com)

Making input type=date complicated

If you have ever had headaches whilst implementing some form of date picker interface this is for you. Peter-Paul Koch breaks down the current state of date pickers and offers some genuine advice going forward. (medium.com)

The journey of simplifying our CSS

Sebastian Hermida shares an insight into using the Tachyons CSS framework for a recent project. If you aren’t completely happy with your CSS workflow I would highly recommend investigating Tachyons. It’s pretty awesome. (blog.dnsimple.com)

React at 60fps

A must read for anyone that works with React. So many awesome tips from Andrey Okonetchnikov to help keep your app loading quickly. (hackernoon.com)

Introduction to WebAssembly (rsms.me)

Tools / Resources

Webpack 2.2 – The Final Release

BOOM! Webpack 2.2.0 is officially in final release. So much awesomeness. Big congrats to all involved. (medium.com)

D3 and React 3 ways

An awesome post by Mike Williamson that looks into using two of the most popular JavaScript libraries at present. (wordpress.com)

Understanding Flexbox – Everything you need to know

A super long post that covers all the fundamental concepts you need to understand to get good with CSS Flexbox. (medium.freecodecamp.com)

WebSlides – An open source way to build beautiful presentations (freecodecamp.com)

DangerJS – The open source maintainers best friend (mxstbr.blog)

Color Creator Templates (bjango.com)


Non-Rectangular Headers (medium.com)

3 New CSS Features to Learn in 2017 (bitsofco.de)

Top Pens of 2016 on CodePen (codepen.io)


Senior JavaScript/UI Frontend Engineer at Close.io

At Close.io we’re building the sales communication platform of the future. We’ve built a next-generation CRM that eliminates manual data entry and helps sales teams close more deals. We are hiring engineers to help us unify the world’s sales, calls and emails into one beautiful workflow. (close.io)

Product Designer at Zendesk

As a product design team we believe in a collaborative working style with a bias towards rapid prototyping, experimentation and a strong curiosity for our customers and their needs. If that sounds like fun to you, please reach out. (zendesk.com)

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Last but not least…

Transition Game (dribbble.com)