Web Design Weekly #263


The Futures of Typography

Robin Rendle looks at the current web technologies and explores what the future has in store when they are mixed with typography. It’s exciting to say the least. (robinrendle.com)

Replacing the Jet Engine While Still Flying (jensimmons.com)

Analytics for lazy developers

​Meet Segment, the last integration you’ll ever use. Collect customer data with a single API, then send it to hundreds of different tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing. Write once, send everywhere. (segment.com)


What is Functional Programming?

Functional programming has become a really hot topic in the JavaScript world. If you are keen to level up your knowledge this post is for you. Eric Elliott explains the complex topic in an easily digestible manner. Great post. (medium.com)

Containers from Scratch

I’m pretty out of my depth when it comes to containers but it is something that I’m super keen to up skill in. Oh and Docker seems to be all the rage. If you are keen to start learning then this post by Eric Chiang is tops. (ericchiang.github.io)

Things I learned making the fastest site in the world

An awesome detailed list of performance tips put together by David Gilbertson relating to one of his recent projects. If you are keen to make fast sites then I would highly recommend you make some time to read this. (hackernoon.com)

Etsy’s Evolving Icon System

Marco Suarez explains how Etsy are evolving their icon system to help the entire design team to create, maintain and implement icons. (medium.com)

React “Aha” Moments (tylermcginnis.com)

Tools / Resources

Front-End Performance Checklist

A great list of items to consider to ensure that your response times are fast and your website loads silky smooth. (smashingmagazine.com)

The Road to learn React

If you haven’t had the time to dive into React then hopefully this eBook gives you some incentive to. Even for a seasoned React developer I’m sure you can learn a thing or two. (robinwieruch.de)

Front-End Tools – My Favourite Finds

Louis Lazaris shares some of his favourite front-end tools from last year. (sitepoint.com)

React Blessed – A React custom renderer for the blessed library (github.com)

Deploying front-end apps to Heroku (calibreapp.com)

Web App Manifest Generator (tomitm.github.io)

Auto-Layout for Sketch (medium.com)


11 lessons learned as a React contractor (hackernoon.com)

Why We Work on Side Projects (bumpers.fm)

Finding Time to Become a Better Developer (freecodecamp.com)


Product Designer at Zendesk

As a product design team we believe in a collaborative working style with a bias towards rapid prototyping, experimentation and a strong curiosity for our customers and their needs. If that sounds like fun to you, please reach out. (zendesk.com)

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From The Blog

Web Design Weekly’s Year in Review

After a hectic end to 2016 I finally found some time to recap the year and decided on some goals for 2017 to take WDW to the next level. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

A Guide to 2017 Conferences (css-tricks.com)