Web Design Weekly #262


What is Progressive Enhancement?

Quite an epic post but it’s an extremely good summary of what Progressive Enhancement is all about. (aaron-gustafson.com)

CSS Grid

An entertaining post by Eric Meyer talking to himself about CSS Grid and why we should be getting a little excited. (meyerweb.com)

Matt Mullenweg State of the Word, 2016 (poststatus.com)


We Need to Talk About Technical Debt

Harry Roberts explains why it’s important to understand the true concepts underlying technical debt, why it exists and how this can help us make better decisions around what needs to refactor and when. (24ways.org)

Server Side React

If you haven’t had time to tinker with React on the server then I would highly recommend bookmarking this page. (remysharp.com)

FORC – The Fear of Removing CSS

Have you ever had massive nightmares when it comes to removing CSS within web application? I know I sure have and it ain’t pretty. In this post Josh Johnston shares some thoughts around FORC and why you should think about using CSS Modules to avoid it. (x-team.com)

Nesting Your BEM?

Harry Roberts lives and breathes CSS so anytime he shares his thoughts it’s worth taking the time to digest his thinking. In this post he explores the positive and negative effects of nesting your BEM. (csswizardry.com)

What design sprints are good for

A solid look into design sprints by
Cennydd Bowles. Even though the post comes across as a little self-promotion he has some really good points. (cennydd.com)

Tools / Resources

Virtual CSS with Styletron

Styletron is a CSS-in-JS library built from the ground up for high-performance, designed to work as fast as possible while also producing the smallest possible CSS output. (ryantsao.com)

Testing React components with Jest and Enzyme

Artem Sapegin shares his current combination for testing React components that he feels is pretty awesome. For someone that is keen to get into testing React components this is a nice introduction. (hackernoon.com)


A collection of composable React components for building interactive data visualizations. (github.com)

Configure webpack using functional feature blocks. (github.com)

A WordPress REST API client for JavaScript (npmjs.com)

Is ServiceWorker Ready Yet? (jakearchibald.github.io)

How to get faster PR reviews (github.com)

The State of Babel (babeljs.io)



An inspirational resource showcasing totally rocking websites made by people from all over the world. (httpster.net)

AMA: Josh Brewer & Tim Van Damme (designernews.co)

The State of UX in 2017 (uxdesign.cc)


Product Designer at Zapier

We’re looking for a Product Designer to join the design team at Zapier. Want to create meaningful experiences that help people automate their tedious, everyday tasks so they spend less time working extra hours and more time enjoying what matters most to them? (zapier.com)

Storytelling Front-End Engineer at Vox Media

The storytelling front-end engineer helps us conceive, pitch and build interesting and engaging stories for our newsrooms by working with reporters, editors and designers. (voxmedia.com)

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Last but not least…

Holiday Office Hours (medium.com)