Web Design Weekly #260


Offline UX Considerations

This article by Mustafa Kurtuldu looks at multiple design considerations needed to create a great experience on both slow networks and offline. (developers.google.com)

Debugging The Web (youtube.com)

Starbis – Flexible Bootstrap Theme

Created by the industry leaders, Starbis Bootstrap theme includes a comprehensive set of tools which are super easy to pick up and run. This template gives you a huge leg up to create your own beautiful site using powerful options & tools, unlimited designs, and responsive framework. (templatemonster.com)


Adding and Leveraging a CDN on Your Website

This post walks through the process for setting up a CDN to work on a custom web site, followed by some tricks to get the most out of the CDN. (css-tricks.com)

I totally forgot about print style sheets

A small collection of useful CSS techniques and a quick reminder that print style sheets are still a thing. (medium.com)

If CSS is so easy why does everyone suck?

If you are a passionate front end developer that is having some issue with backend developers I’m pretty sure you will enjoy this entertaining post by Otis Wright. (hackernoon.com)

Developing a RESTful API With Node and TypeScript

This tutorial details how to develop a RESTful API with NodeJS, ExpressJS and TypeScript using test-driven development. (mherman.org)

PHP 7 at Tumblr (engineering.tumblr.com)

Tools / Resources

Migrating to Jest

Jest has seen a lot of attention of late and this post by Kent Dodds is another example why you should take the time to investigate. (medium.com)

Take part in the 2016 Design Tools Survey

Hacking UI just launched a new survey for designers and will open source the results in 2 weeks! Take the survey! (hackingui.com)

Creating Bubble Charts with D3v4

As the new version of D3 has been released lots of tutorials have been popping up diving into what has changed. In this one, Jim Vallandingham looks at reimplementing his old bubble chart tutorial and examples to use D3v4. (vallandingham.me)

Form Linter

A super helpful tool that helps you increase your form conversions by fixing common usability issues. (formlinter.com)

Dash for iOS Open Sourced

Dash gives your iPad and iPhone instant offline access to 150+ API documentation sets. (github.com)

10 Things You Might Not Know About Using S3 (sumologic.com.com)

WordPress REST API React/Redux helpers (ryelle.codes)

Cypress.io: Testing, the way it should be. (cypress.io)

React v15.4.0 (facebook.github.io)


Don’t Defend Your Work (austinknight.com)

Quick Draw (quickdraw.withgoogle.com)

VR Pong (vr-pong.com)


UI/UX Designer at Flipp

Flipp is looking for a UI/UX Designer to help us visualize the future of weekly shopping. You will collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to design beautiful experiences that will help our users save time and money. (flipp.com)

Web Developer at Dropbox

Our Web Devs at Dropbox are front-end experts. We use HTML, CSS, JavaScript and a/b testing to improve the core flows of our website. As a growth team, we’re extremely passionate about fast iteration and high impact code. Get in touch if you want to be involved in creating an amazing product. (dropbox.com)

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Last but not least…

The Scientists Who Make Apps Addictive (1843magazine.com)