Web Design Weekly #258


JavaScript Frameworks: Distribution Channels for Good Ideas

Tom Dale, a core creator of Ember.js shares some thoughts about getting new web platform features into the real world quicker. He puts forward the idea that browser makers should work more closely with framework makers to make this happen. Great article. (medium.com)

Improving Perceived Performance with Multiple Background Images (csswizardry.com)

Side Project Accelerator

An 8 week course where we teach you everything we know. Continue with a lifetime access to the mastermind group and monthly Q&A sessions with the world’s most successful media entrepreneurs.


Web fonts, boy, I don’t know

Monica Dinculescu reminds us how to lazy load web fonts whilst giving users on slow connections a better experience. (meowni.ca)

Conditions for CSS Variables

Roman Komarov puts together a nice argument that conditions within CSS would be extremely helpful. He also showcases a few interesting workarounds using his powerful CSS knowledge. (kizu.ru)

Introduction to SVG animation

Learn why animating SVG is different from animating in CSS, and work around some common hiccups you might experience along the way. (oreilly.com)

Git from the inside out

This long article explains how Git works. If you are keen to learn more about the inner workings of Git, this is it. (codewords.recurse.com)

Tools / Resources

Abstract App

An amazing team of talented people have been bunkered down working on a new design version controlled workflow built on Git. It is currently in a limited preview release but probably worth keeping an eye on as I’m sure it will be awesome. (abstractapp.com)

Getting Started with Webpack 2

Webpack 2 will be released very soon but that doesn’t mean you can’t start using version 2 now. This post explains how to get set things up and explore the power of verion 2. (blog.madewithenvy.com)

CSS Literal Loader

A webpack loader for extracting and processing CSS defined in other files. (github.com)

Kap – Capture your screen

An open-source screen recorder built with web technology. (getkap.co)


A good way to check how your site will behave if styles fail to load. (structure.exposed)

The Service Worker Lifecycle (developers.google.com)

Design Prototyping with Origami Studio (origami.design)

Yarn vs. npm: Installation Time (triplet.fi)


The Zendesk rebrand (zendesk.com)

Design Details podcast with Maykel Loomans (spec.fm)

Between the Wires – Guillermo Rauch (betweenthewires.org)


Head of Front-End Development at Shopify

As the Head of Front-End Development for Shopify’s product, you’ll shape our core FED team’s medium- and long-term strategic vision and own its implementation. You’ll be responsible for setting direction for our component-driven design and development system, front-end tooling, and future architecture decisions. (shopify.com)

UI/UX Designer at Status

Status is looking for a creative UX designer to come up with new ways to interact with messengers and the blockchain. Status is an open source project that aims to bring Ethereum anywhere. (status.im)

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Last but not least…

Font Awesome 5 (kickstarter.com)