Web Design Weekly #256


Responsive Images – Client Hints

Jason Grigsby dives into the details on how to go about using Client Hints to help with the day-to-day task of creating responsive images. If you have never taken the time to investigate Client Hints this is a great primer. (cloudfour.com)

Why I believe GraphQL will come to replace REST

GraphQL sure is gaining more and more momentum in the developer community and in this post Martijn Walraven shares his thoughts about why he believes GraphQL will eventually replace REST. (dev.to)

Yarn: A new package manager for JavaScript (code.facebook.com)

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The average web page structure – Google study

An extremely comprehensive look at how a large number (8M) of web pages are built and what they consist of. (advancedwebranking.com)

Will we be flattening our HTML for CSS Grids?

CSS Grids are just around the corner which is super exciting but many developers still have concerns regarding subgrid support. Chris Coyier explains. (css-tricks.com)

“Offline First” with Service Worker

One of the best ways to learn is to jump in the deep end and work it out. This is exactly what Ire Aderinokun has been doing with her blog to learn about Progressive Web Applications. (bitsofco.de)

The State of HTML5 Input Elements

Should we use HTML5 input fields with a polyfill, or should we wait for browsers to improve their implementation? Tim Severien gives us the lowdown on the current state of browser implementations and what is the best approach. (sitepoint.com)

Magic randomisation with nth-child and Cicada Principle

Charlotte Jackson explains the combination of the nth-child selector and the cicada principle for faking random patterns. Pretty cool technique. (lottejackson.com)

What does it mean when code is “easy to reason about”? (freecodecamp.com)

Tools / Resources

Responsive Table Layout

Matt Smith puts his frustration to good use. In this post he explains how you can make your tables responsive with a little effort and keep your mobile users happy. (allthingssmitty.com)

Transition Effect with CSS Masks

A tutorial on how to use CSS Masks to create some interesting looking slide transitions. (tympanus.net)

Hero Patterns

A collection of repeatable SVG background patterns. (heropatterns.com)

Vim React Snippets

A Vim snippet library for React in ES6 (github.com)

Stack Overflow puts a new spin on resumes for developers (techcrunch.com)


What I learned from reviewing 50 portfolios (freecodecamp.com)

A daily plan for studying to become a Google engineer (github.com)

GitHub Audio (github.audio)


Front-End Developer at Ueno

You’re a Front-End Developer. You write beautiful code. You know your tools, but you don’t let them control you and you are looking to work on great projects. Please reach out to us. (ueno.co)

Product Designer at Fantasy

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Last but not least…

Totally get your frustration (medium.com)