Web Design Weekly #253


Redesigning Chrome desktop

An epic post by Sebastien Gabriel that looks at what was done and how it was achieved during the process of redesigning Chrome desktop. (medium.com)

Don’t ruin your

Adding images to websites is easy. It’s so easy the majority of us just add a value to the src attribute and move on. Anthony Ng reminds us that we aren’t doing our images or users any favours by doing this and shares a few handy tips to get us back on track. (freecodecamp.com)

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Understanding vMin and vMax in CSS

If you have used the handy vw and vh units before but have yet to capitalise on the power of vmin and vmax hopefully this post will enlighten you. They are extremely powerful and are highly underused. (thenewcode.com)

Microservices – Please, don’t

If you have heard the term ‘Microservices’ thrown around in meeting rooms but are not 100% up to speed, this post by Sean Kelly is a great starting point. (basho.com)

Tuning NGINX for Better Performance (blog.codeship.com)

Tools / Resources

Testing with Jest Snapshots – First Impressions

The Windsor Circle team have been using Jest snapshots for a few weeks now and Ben McCormick shares how things are going down. (benmccormick.org)

Why and How to Test Your Pattern Library

Jim Newbery explains a possible testing strategy that combines documentation, communication and automated cross-browser testing. (tinnedfruit.com)

Hiding DOM elements

Rodney Rehm explains the various ways of hiding elements and the implications that come with that. (allyjs.io)

Create and deploy a RESTful API in 10 minutes (youtube.com)

Twelve Fancy Chrome DevTools Tips (hackernoon.com)

RxJS + Redux + React = Amazing! (youtube.com)

React Router v4 (youtube.com)


Jonathan Ravasz’s Resume (jonathanravasz.com)

The Entire History of Kickstarter Projects, Broken Down by City (polygraph.cool)

FramerJS Club – Showcase of FramerJS prototypes (framerjs.club)


Senior Communication Designer

Slack is hiring a Senior Communication Designer to help design the future of Slack’s digital brand presence. Designers serve a vital role here: from the craft and finish of every detail on our high-traffic public-facing websites, to creating the experience vision for landing pages for national ad campaigns. (slack.com)

Product Designer at Yelp

Think you’ve got the UI design skills to wow millions of users each month? Then Yelp wants to hear from you. We’re looking for an experienced designer that can create world class user interfaces that visually amaze but are simple to use. (yelp.com)

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Last but not least…

Building a Fort: Lessons in Software Estimation (construx.com)

The GitHub GraphQL API (githubengineering.com)