Web Design Weekly #250


Writing Less Damn Code

I’m a bit of a fan of Heydon Pickering’s thinking to be honest but it is a fine line. In this post Heydon shares a few use cases of why we should all aim to write less code and passes on few tips and ideas that might help us achieve the desired result. (heydonworks.com)

The target=”_blank” vulnerability by example

Quite an eye opener… You may have read about this over the last few months but seeing an example sure does get you thinking. (dev.to)

How To Use WebPageTest and its API

This article looks into using the WebPageTest RESTful API to extract vital information so you can optimise the performance of your site via a build script or the likes. (css-tricks.com)

The cost of small modules

Including countless little modules throughout a codebase is becoming increasingly popular in todays JavaScript landscape, but is that the best for performance? Nolan Lawson gets his testing hat on and explores some interesting stats. (nolanlawson.com)

How Spotify’s website UX has changed

Sean Hervo looks into how Spotify’s website design has changed over the last decade (a lot!). A good trip down memory lane. (blog.prototypr.io)

Design Better Data Tables(medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Offline Content with Service Workers

If you are thinking about implementing service workers this post offers some great advice in an easy digestible manner. (madebymike.com.au)

Using Feature Queries in CSS

Jen Simmons explains how you can go about writing your CSS with the latest features by utilising the simple @supports rule. (hacks.mozilla.org)

Visualization with React

A 7 part series put together by Jerome Cukier that looks into creating visualizations with React. The series starts off quite basic but ends up dissecting a complex visualization with live data and several components interacting with one another. (jeromecukier.net)

Great list of React/JSX patterns with examples (reactpatterns.com)

Initial release of Jekyll Admin is out (github.com)

Remote retrospectives with Retrobot (remysharp.com)


React Game- Elephant Taco Hunt (codepen.io)

Faster and More Accessible Digital Ocean (digitalocean.com)

CascadiaFest 2016 Videos (youtube.com)


Product Designer at Zapier

We’re looking for a Product Designer to join the design team at Zapier. Want to create meaningful experiences that help people automate their tedious, everyday tasks so they spend less time working extra hours, and more time enjoying what matters most to them? (zapier.com)

Head of Design at Vimeo

If you are keen to oversee all product design and user experience, achieving both business and product goals. Take ownership of the look and feel for the web and all native Vimeo apps on mobile phones, tablets, televisions we want to hear from you. (vimeo.com)

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Last but not least…

Front End Center — Screencasts for Web Professionals (frontend.center)

The State of JavaScript (stateofjs.com)