Web Design Weekly #25




Lea Verou once again has been coding like crazy!! This time she has developed an interactive CSS playground for all to enjoy. Happy experimenting! (lea.verou.me)

Icons with Fonts

Icons with Fonts and Data- Attributes

Traditionally, bitmap formats such as PNG have been the standard way of delivering iconography on websites. They’re quick and easy, and it also ensures they’re as pixel crisp as possible. Jon Hicks give a great overview of why web fonts are taking over. (24ways.org)

WordPress 3.3 “Sonny” (wordpress.org)

Shortest possible valid (X)HTML documents (mathiasbynens.be)

Internet Explorer to auto-update (netmagazine.com)

Killa slides about polyfills, cross-browser HTML5 and feature detection (addyosmani.com)


25 Secrets of the Browser Developer Tools

Over the last few years there has been one tool that has helped out every web developer more than any other – the browser developer tools. Working in harmony with the web browser, the developer tools allows us to manipulate DOM elements, CSS styles, JavaScript and other useful information from the same window often in real time. (andismith.com)

Six CSS Layout Features To Look Forward To

A few concerns keep bobbing up now and then for Web developers, one of which relates to how to lay out a given design. Developers have made numerous attempts to do so with existing solutions. Divya Manian explains the six layout proposals that are relevant to us and how they will help developing websites in the future. (smashingmagazine.com)

Chrome 15 Becomes World’s Most Popular Browser

Google’s Chrome 15 has become the most popular web browser version worldwide for the first time on a weekly basis, according to StatCounter. Paul Irish had some wise words to add…

The funny thing about the “Chrome 15 is top browser” headlines is that they are already out of date. Chrome 16 shipped Tuesday and by the end of the week nearly all 200M Chrome users will have it. So Chrome 15 is about to go from the #1 browser to having fewer users than IE6 in a matter of days. I couldn’t be happier. (statcounter.com)

Fluid grids, orientation & resolution independence

If you’ve spent any time building responsive websites with fluid grids, you will have encountered the shock of seeing your beautiful portrait layout distort when viewed in landscape mode (or vice-versa). (responsivenews.co.uk)

Software Architects Need More Respect: Hacker Culture Is Overdone (bernardlunn.wordpress.com)

The Secret Lives of Links (lukew.com)

The Problem With CSS Pre-Processors (millermedeiros.com)

How to make a web standards proposal (sites.google.com)

Tools / Resources

10 LESS CSS Examples You Should Steal for Your Projects

The Design Shack hooks you up with ten incredibly useful LESS snippets that you can drop into your projects today. (designshack.net)

Jeffery Way started compiling a huge list of HTML5 tools, folks, and sites to pay attention to. Please freely add to it. (openetherpad.org)

2011 in review: 15 web conference talks you need to watch (netmagazine.com)

TextMate 2.0 Alpha (macromates.com)


Taking Stock – John O’Nolan’s thoughts.

There are far too many talented people squandering their time arguing over whether or not an ‘a’ tag should always be inside a ‘p’ tag, rather than using their powers to instigate positive change in both the web… and the world. (john.onolan.org)

Small Studio (smallstudio.com.au)

The HTML5 Game Lab – Helps fund projects for the new open web games industry. (gamelab.bocoup.com)

35 Icon Design Tutorials for Photoshop (vandelaydesign.com)

Grid­lover (gridlover.net)

HTML5 and CSS3 Advent 2011 (html5advent2011.digitpaint.nl)

The Single Lane Superhighway (chromeexperiments.com)

Last But Not Least…

Well, this is the last weekly round up for the year. I feel it’s been an awesome 25 issues so far and with every issue I am blown away with the energy and effort everyone in the web community is putting in to making the web radical!

The next few weeks will be quite hectic I am sure for both you and I and will require some down time. Be sure to drink lots of beer, unplug (from your computer) and enjoy the festive season because 2012 is going to be off the HOOK!!

The next instalment should be arriving in your inbox around mid January.

Have a good one! JakeyB