Web Design Weekly #246


Real–world HTTP/2: 400gb of images per day

Michael Mifsud shares his team’s experience during a recent switch to HTTP/2 for serving image assets. Don’t be fooled that HTTP/2 equals free perfomance. Awesome read. (99designs.com.au)

A Code Review, Or Yet Another Reason To Love The Web (bradfrost.com)

​Manage and protect your Apple devices at work

​Bushel is a device management solution for the iPads, iPhones, and Macs in your workplace. It’s cloud based, so you can manage and protect your devices anytime from anywhere. No IT? No problem. It’s easy to manage your Apple devices with Bushel. Manage your first 3 devices for free. Add more for just $2/device/month. Create your free account today! (bushel.com)


Stop the overuse of overflow menus

Overflow menus seem like the perfect solution. Designers can “take away” complexity and leave just the really important bits. You can quickly and easily create a clean looking user interface. The trouble with overflow menus is that you didn’t actually take anything away, you just obnoxiously obfuscated it. (freecodecamp.com)

Lessons learned from going to production with React/Redux

Combining React and Redux is a pretty hot topic at the moment. With a large amount of resources looking into getting up and running within a basic application, this post takes a different angle and looks at the lessons learnt pushing an app to production. (medium.com)

Technical Interviews – A Revised Process

Allison McMillan has done a lot of thinking and discussing about what an effective interview process might be, especially for developers with 2-3 years of experience. Some great takeaways if you are in anyway part of the hiring process. (allisonsherenmcmillan.blogspot.com)

Digging Deeper into WordPress Hooks and Filters

WordPress comes loaded with a series of hooks and filters that let you hook into specific parts of when WordPress operates. Simon Codrington digs in and gives us the low down. (sitepoint.com)

Angular 2 – Why TypeScript?

In this article Victor Savkin talks about why the Angular team decided to use TypeScript. He also shares his experience on how it affects the way he writes and refactors code. (vsavkin.com)

New <video> Policies for iOS

The WebKit team announced that iOS 10 will support silent <video> elements with the autoplay attribute. Great to see them thinking about users bandwidth and batteries. (webkit.org)

Unicode property escapes in JavaScript regular expressions (mathiasbynens.be)

Tools / Resources

Create React App

A new way to create single-page React applications. It offers a modern build setup with no configuration. (facebook.github.io)

A practical security guide for web developers

An open sourced guide that covers a lot of common issues the web developers face on a day-to-day basis. (github.com)

Designing a styleguide

This article introduces some well thought out styleguides and branding guidelines. It also details some of the most important elements every styleguide should have. (medium.freecodecamp.com)

Ways to Keep Your Sketch Kitchen Clean

Jon Moore shares some recommendations to help keep your Sketch designs organised so you stay efficient at all times. (medium.com)

Aphrodite – Inline Styles that work (github.com)

React PropTypes & Flow types cheat sheet (medium.com)

Practical SVG (abookapart.com)


The Typography of ‘Stranger Things’ (nelsoncash.com)

WebGL Kaleidoscope (chromeexperiments.com)


Principal Designer at Bilue

We’re looking for a passionate Digital Product Designer in Sydney to lead and shape the future for some very exciting products from Australia’s top brands. (bilue.com.au)

Senior Graphic Designer at Typeform

We’re looking for a Senior Graphic Designer that can lead design within Typeform’s Creative Team. You’ll be in charge of creating all advertising, feature, and promotional content for our websites, social media channels and emails. (typeform.com)

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Last but not least…

Web Design in 4 minutes (jgthms.com)