Web Design Weekly #241


Craftsmanship, design and code

Jonathan White sees valid points to both sides of the debate about whether designers should learn to code or whether developers should learn to design. But rather than the usual angle most articles on this topic take about what companies want in the way of skill-sets, he encourages developers and designers to focus on doing what they enjoy and make it part of their craft. (medium.freecodecamp.com)

Typography for User Interfaces (viljamis.com)


Group Chat for Designers. A chat tool that’s actually built for teams and businesses. Try HipChat for free today! (hipchat.com)


Style Guide Driven Development with Atomic Docs

Style guide driven development has proven a valuable addition to Wishnet’s workflow over the last few years. Here’s an introduction to style guides, their team’s experience with SDD and how Atomic Docs is an essential part of their workflow. (css-tricks.com)

How to use code as your primary design tool

Learn about the beauty of designing in code from this interview with Chris Gannon, an immensely talented interaction and motion designer from the UK who straight out “designs in code”. (stories.uplabs.com)

Apps are faltering. But progressive web apps seem pretty legit.

There has been considerable debate about the future of native apps. Over the last few years, Cameron Moll has been pitching the idea of Unified Design at many conferences. He sees it as a solution to the growing disconnect between a product’s native app and its web app (or website) counterpart. (medium.com)

SSL Your WordPress Site

How to set up HTTPS quickly and for free. Be part of the movement to protect your users’ sensitive information, whether or not you are processing payments on your website. (smashingmagazine.com)

Tools / Resources

How well do you know CSS display?

A detailed post all about CSS display layouts, from the well-known, to the “new kids on the block” like flex and grid, to the relatively obscure and experimental. (chenhuijing.com)

Run npm scripts in a git pre-commit Hook

How to use pre-commit to easily run linting (or whatever npm scripts you want) before code is committed to a git repository. A way to easily improve the consistency and quality of your code. (elijahmanor.com)


A React/Webpack/(S)CSS Modules/testing application boilerplate. (github.com)

Tips For Improving Your Productivity With Sublime Text (smashingmagazine.com.com)


Medium’s engineering interview process (medium.engineering)

Reimagining Google Fonts (design.google.com)

One video, article or side project can change your life. (medium.com)


Web Designer at GitHub

GitHub’s web design team works closely with other designers, product managers, engineers, and our marketing team to design, build and ship inspiring and approachable websites to our growing community of superfans across the world. (github.com)

Front End Developer at Booking.com

We are looking for the world’s best Front End Developers all around the globe. Join us at our beautiful headquarters in Amsterdam and work on planet Earth’s #1 accommodation website with some of the industry’s smartest people. (booking.com)

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Last but not least…


Tim Holman taking console.log to the next level. Classic. (tholman.com)