Web Design Weekly #240


Improving CSS quality at Facebook and beyond

Learning the ins and outs about how big companies develop is fascinating. In this post we get to see an insight into how Facebook improve the quality of their CSS. It’s extremely cool to see they are using Stylelint, which is something that I blogged about this week. (code.facebook.com)

Prerelease Notes for Safari 10.0 (developer.apple.com)

​Hired – The End of Job Searching

​Finding a job doesn’t have to suck. Join Hired to start getting offers from top tech companies like GitHub, Facebook, and Stripe. You’ll get salary & equity upfront on every offer, and you’ll get a $1,000 signing bonus on top as a thank you! (hired.com)


Building better accessibility primitives

Google’s Rob Dodson recently ran into difficulty adding proper keyboard support to some components he was building and shares his ideas on how to resolve things. (robdodson.me)

CriticalCSS In Action

Love a fast site? In just her first few weeks at Bocoup, Susan Robertson learned a lot about performance and how to make a site smoking fast. She shares some great insights with us. (bocoup.com)

Enhancing Optimistically

Recently, Scott Jehl came across a better way to improve handling browser-or-network conditions in more fault-tolerant ways. (filamentgroup.com)

Using JavaScript in SVG

Web developers use JavaScript to achieve many things in SVG, including animation, interaction, creating and modifying elements, but adding a script inside an SVG document comes with a few special caveats, which Dudley Storey explains. (thenewcode.com)

Pixel Density, Demystified

Get ready to nerd out about how pixel density works and how it affects your designs. (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

New Google Fonts

A massive redesign has made Google Fonts even more awesome. I think I just wasted 30 minutes exploring type options for an upcoming project… Whoops. (fonts.google.com)


A streamlined tool for developing, documenting and presenting UI pattern libraries. (github.com)

LightCMS – Design More, Work Less

You do fun, we do boring. Create outstanding websites on LightCMS. (lightcms.com)

React CSS components

Define React presentational components with CSS (github.com)

A CSS Snap Points Carousel (filamentgroup.com)


Introducing studio.zeldman (zeldman.com)

The Path to Performance (speakerdeck.com)

Blobs – Fun canvas & SVG filter (codepen.io)


Web Designer at GitHub

GitHub’s web design team works closely with other designers, product managers, engineers, and our marketing team to design, build and ship inspiring and approachable websites to our growing community of superfans across the world. (github.com)

Developer at Spotify

We are looking for web developers to join our teams throughout Spotify. We need engineers in all areas of web development, from people with excellent front end skills through to people with deep knowledge of back end integration. (spotify.com)

Have an Web Design related position you need to fill?

From The Blog

Integrate Stylelint Into Your Workflow For Better CSS

An overview into a handy CSS tool called Stylelint and an easy to follow guide intergrating it into your webpack workflow. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…

How Emoji Can Improve Your Code

TJ VanToll shares some of his recent experiments with using emoji into his day-to-day development. I can see this taking off. (tjvantoll.com)