Web Design Weekly #239


Beyond Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps are all the rage and this primer by Jan Lehnardt is a great way to get your head around what PWA are all about and where things are headed. (hood.ie)

​Hired – The End of Job Searching

​Finding a job doesn’t have to suck. Join Hired to start getting offers from top tech companies like GitHub, Facebook, and Stripe. You’ll get salary & equity upfront on every offer, and you’ll get a $1,000 signing bonus on top as a thank you! (hired.com)


Declarative Design Tools

Jon Gold shares the theory behind declarative tooling with a nice transition into information about his new tool René that he just released. (jon.gold)

Your style guide’s missing something — and it’s big

John Moore Williams puts forward the point that many style guide’s on the web these days are missing, voice, tone and editorial guidelines. With content being a major factor of any site he pleas for us to fix this. (medium.com)

The Quiet Crisis unfolding in Software Development

Speaking from his own experiences, Bill Jordan has compiled a detailed, common sense how to guide to steer software development managers in the right direction in caring for their employees with best results. (medium.com)

Building Products

An epic brain dump post by Julie Zhuo that covers 4 main sections (On Framing, Execution, Measuring success, Team Dynamics) relating to building products. Lots of great takeaways. (medium.com)

On Icons

This one provides much food for thought and a whole lot of icon inspiration. Check out iA’s new icon shooter game and keep your eyes peeled for their unreleased font comprising of 2,000 icons that allows you to write in icons. (ia.net)

Infinite Scrolling Best Practices

Making good infinite scrolling sites isn’t an impossible task as long as you follow a few simply guidelines which Nick Babich has outlined. (uxplanet.org)

Tools / Resources

Typography Handbook

A concise, referential guide on best web typographic practices. (typographyhandbook.com)

Group Chat for Teams

Stop losing momentum with reply-to-all wars and buried email messages. Cut to the chase with @mentions and get the answer you need. (hipchat.com)


A free and simple platform for creating visualizations with data maps. It allows you to upload CSV file with region data and fully customize your map’s appearance. (datamaps.co)

Compo: UI components in Sketch

Compo is a Sketch plugin that makes it easier to work with interface components. With Compo, pressing ⌘J is all it takes to turn a text layer into a button or put an existing component in order. (evilmartians.com)


An open-source software and hardware library that makes it possible to use the web to create big, unusual, interactive displays out of all kinds of things. (googlecreativelab.github.io)

Accessibility Patterns for the Web (ebay.gitbooks.io)

Frontend Reading List (phuu.net)

Random A11y Color Palettes (randoma11y.com)


Upcoming Web Design Conferences (smashingmagazine.com)

Cub n Pup – Puzzle Game (codepen.io)

ReactEurope 2016 Videos (youtube.com)


UI Developer at Segment

UI developers at Segment are our front-end experts. We use HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build simple user experiences that make data a joy to use. We like to iterate incredibly fast and get lots of customer feedback to make sure we’re solving the most important problems for our customers. (segment.com)

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From The Blog

PostCSS – What It Is And What It Can Do

PostCSS has been around since September 2013 and has been part of many developers workflow for a while. For those that haven’t had the time to dig into it and put some time aside to understand what it is and what it can do, this post is for you. (web-design-weekly.com)

Last but not least…


The project where literally anything goes. (github.com)

The Ideal Design Workflow (blog.prototypr.io)