Web Design Weekly #235


Designing Inward

An interesting reminder by Cap Watkins that it is important to look inward into your team to make sure that each person understands the roles of others and that the team is working together. He is of the view that this will ultimately improve collective user experience, rather than simply focusing upon design methodologies to enhance user experience. (blog.capwatkins.com)

Danger – Testing Accessibility with real people

An insightful look into user testing from four people who are blind and care deeply about making the web more accessible. (medium.com)


The Importance of !important: Forcing Immutability in CSS

Harry Roberts shares some good advice on using of !important within your CSS. (csswizardry.com)

Truly Fluid Typography With vh And vw Units

An in depth guide to using fluid typography, full of lots of great tips to help get you started with using it. Inspiration for your next project. (smashingmagazine.com)

Service Workers — Gotchas

Boopathi Rajaa discusses some of the gotchas when developing a web application with offline capabilities using service workers.

Tools / Resources

Optimizing for Large-Scale Displays

Jon Yablonski looks at the challenges and techniques for optimizing your site for large-scale displays. (css-tricks.com)

Easily Convert CSS to React Inline Styles

A simple little tool to help translate plain CSS into the React in-line style specific JSON representation. (staxmanade.com)

HTML5 Accessibility

Get the current accessibility support status of HTML5 features across major browsers. (stevefaulkner.github.io)

Sublime Tutor

An interactive in-editor keyboard shortcuts tutorial for Sublime Text 3. (sublimetutor.com)


A tool based on Nodejs, React, d3 and Stylus to easily craft beautiful dashboards. (github.com)


Industry-Leading Designers Share Their Top 3 Favorite Typefaces (typewolf.com)

Ryan Seddon talks about Houdini (vimeo.com)

Always Show Your Work (medium.com)


UI/UX Designer at Untappd

Untappd, the premiere social drinking app aimed at beer lovers, is looking for talented UI/UX Designer to create amazing user experiences for both consumer and business facing products. The ideal candidate should have an eye for clean design, possess superior UI skills and be able to translate requirements into beautiful, intuitive and functional user interfaces. (untappd.com)

Javascript Developer at X-Team International

We are after a self-driven individual that cares about maintainability of the code, automation, deployment processes and how to enable innovation through fostering a growing culture of Open Source. (x-team.com)

Have an Web Design related position you need to fill?

Last but not least…

Write Beautiful CSS Comments (seesparkbox.com)