Web Design Weekly #234


Scaling Knowledge at Airbnb

An insight into the way Airbnb is tackling the transmission of knowledge across its ever-growing organization. Their process not only considers what the company has itself created, but also peer reviews to check for code correctness and adherence to best practices. In sharing their work in progress they hope to inspire other organizations to tackle the problem and share their insight to collaboratively produce best practices across the industry. (medium.com)

Why the future of web browsers belongs to the biggest tech firms (theguardian.com)

Group Chat for Teams

Stop losing momentum with reply-to-all wars and buried email messages. Cut to the chase with @mentions and get the answer you need. Try HipChat for free today! (hipchat.com)


A Comparison of Animation Technologies

Sarah Drasner compares various animation tools that she’s had experience with and breaks down the pros and cons of each method. (css-tricks.com)

Refactoring Legacy CSS

Kasey Bonifacio offers some quality advice for attacking legacy CSS. If you have a large codebase that is in need of some serious love, this is a good place to start. (seesparkbox.com)

Meaningful CSS: Style Like You Mean It

Tim Baxter’s passion for writing semantically and meaningfully, not bloating code and thereby creating a lighter markup, shines through clearly in this article of his. (alistapart.com)

WebKit Updating Their Prefixing Policy

The WebKit team are heading in the direction of implementing experimental features unprefixed and putting them behind a runtime flag. (webkit.org)

A Team Activity to Start a Design System (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Useful eBooks for Web Developers

A collection of free ebooks for front-end developers about JavaScript, ES6, NodeJS, CSS3 and HTML5. After comparing near 400 free books related to web developers, these top 17 have been identified for their quality content. (medium.com)

Guide To CSS Pseudo-Classes And Pseudo-Elements

A great resource put together by Ricardo Zea that looks at all the current pseudo-classes and pseudo-elements available. One for the bookmarks. (smashingmagazine.com)

Design More, Work Less

You do fun, we do boring. Create outstanding websites on LightCMS. (lightcms.com)

Let’s Learn JavaScript Closures

Preethi Kasireddy looks into the inner workings of how and why closures work the way they do. If you are serious about JavaScript this is worth reading. (medium.freecodecamp.com)

Reducing JPG File size

This article by Colt McAnlis doesn’t just link a couple of tools and sends you on your merry way. He fully nerds out and shares copious amounts of knowledge to help make your JPG files smaller. (medium.com)


10 Stats That’ll Change The Way You Think About Remote Work (jell.com)

Front-end metrics from big news sites around the world (francescoschwarz.de)


UX Designer at Hotjar

We are looking for an ambitious and driven UX designer who is passionate about creating engaging, consistent and memorable experiences. Hotjar is a rapidly growing startup that is giving thousands of website owners the tools needed to discover how their visitors are really using their website. (hotjar.com)

Product Designer at Creative Market

We’re growing rapidly and need your help as we continue to scale the platform that puts incredible design and creativity at the fingertips of the masses. (creativemarket.com)

Have an Web Design related position you need to fill?

Last but not least…

Upcoming Changes to Embedded Tweets (twittercommunity.com)