Web Design Weekly #233


Little Island

A little personal plug. After many months of procrastinating, designing and developing I’m happy to launch the beginning of a little side project. I hope you like what you see. (littleisland.io)

Being A Developer After 40

Adrian Kosmaczewski is a forty year old, self-taught developer. In this post he shares his story. It’s extremely inspiring and insightful. (medium.com)

The Web isn’t uniform

A great piece by Karolina Szczur that reminds us that it’s a privilege to be able to use breaking edge technologies and devices, but not to forget about basic accessibility and progressive enhancement. (medium.com)


How To Be More Organized While Designing UI

After 4 years designing Marek Minor became obsessed with tidying up and sorting information, which lead him to create a systematic approach for designing user interfaces. Great post. (medium.com)

Selling Design Systems

If you’re having trouble convincing your powers-that-be that a design system is the way forward, Daniel Mall has put down some good adivce to help you get it over the line. (danielmall.com)

Caching Best Practices

Jake Archibald explains two patterns and max-age gotchas to help us create more performant sites. (jakearchibald.com)

Things Every Designer Needs to Know about Accessibility

A set of guidelines that cover the major things you need to know in order for your products to be “design-ready” to meet the minimum of standards in Section 508 and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0. (medium.com)

Conversational Interfaces

Jeremy Keith has put together various use cases to support his argument regarding the correct use of the cite element. (adactio.com)

Tools / Resources

Converting Font Icons to SVG

Keen to switch from using fonts for icons to an SVG icon system? This is your “how to” post. Thorough, concise and easily digestible. (sarasoueidan.com)

Automate your UX Design workflow with Framer, Gulp & Sketch

An indepth and pretty code heavy article. Piervincenzo Madeo explains in detail how you can design with Sketch, add animations with Framer and have it all automated using Gulp, Webpack and BrowserSync. (blog.prototypr.io)


If you have a library or an application you need to maintain that needs to work on many different versions of NodeJS, Autochecker is exactly what you are looking for. (victorbjelkholm.github.io)

Improving the Quality of Your CSS with PostCSS

In this article Pavels Jelisejevs explores how we can utilise PostCSS to help maintain a higher quality in our CSS codebase. (sitepoint.com)


An accessible dialog window library for all humans. (humaan.com)

DevTools — An Animated Journey by Umar Hansa (umaar.github.io)

19 Tips For Everyday Git Use (alexkras.com)

JS Accessibility Tool List (github.com)


Bring Your Own Team (stripe.com)

No More Tools (youtube.com)


Product Designer at Code School

Interested in designing the best user experience? Code School is seeking a user experience designer to help craft creative solutions that foster a smoother user experience and support business needs. (codeschool.com)

Technical Writer for Web Design Weekly

If you are a passionate developer or designer that is keen to write about interesting challenges, topics or tricks, please get in contact. (web-design-weekly.com)

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Last but not least…

Front-End Performance — The Dark Side (vimeo.com)