Web Design Weekly #232


UI development as a first-class citizen

The single hardest part of front-end development at any scale is making changes to code and understanding all of the resulting visual and behavioral effects that will occur across the application. Once again, wise words by Adam Morse. (mrmrs.io)

Collect customer data with one API then send it anywhere.​

​Companies who want to reclaim hundreds of hours spent managing and collecting customer data trust Segment to handle this for them. Built by developers for developers, Segment helps businesses of all size build great customer experiences. Try it for free! (segment.com)


Web Font Loading Patterns

Web font load­ing may seem com­pli­cated, but in this post Bram Stein makes things look quite sim­ple if you follow some font loading patterns. (bramstein.com)

Webpack — The Confusing Parts

Raja Rao breaks down the confusing parts of Webpack and helps you get comfortable utilizing its powerful features. (medium.com)

A better development environment with Docker

An article by Daniel Demmel that looks into the basics of Docker and covers some simple steps to get it all up and running on your computer. (smashingmagazine.com)

CSS In JavaScript. Meet CSSX

Remember the good old days of having an index.html and one stylesheet? To be honest I tend to loath that sometimes… This concept by Krasimir Tsonev sounds really neat, but be warned it is far from the good old days… (smashingmagazine.com)

Better CSS Drop Caps With “initial-letter”

Ian Yates looks into the ‘initial-letter’ property that is currently being discussed as an Editor’s Draft by the W3C, which aims to give us the precise typographic control we want. (webdesign.tutsplus.com)

The Way We Build

A look into how the Airbnb team’s latest app release changed the way they approach design. (airbnb.design)

Lists, Details, and Flows (daverupert.com)

Tools / Resources

Flexbox Patterns

A selection of patterns built using flexbox that are easy to understand and use on your own site. (flexboxpatterns.com)

Layout Performance Testing

This simple little site has a collection of test cases for investigating layout performance. (chriswrightdesign.github.io)


Developed by Adam Silver, this site outlines a set of principles, guides and conventions that help you write CSS for large or small scale websites. (maintainablecss.com)

Email Toolbox

A collection of resources for email designers, developers and marketers put together by Jason Rodriguez. (email-toolbox.com)


A tool to help build a website’s performance budget. (github.com)

Styleguide – Living Styleguide Made Easy (devbridge.github.io)

Adding HTTPS to your web site (robertnyman.com)

Google CDN Beta (blog.speedchecker.xyz)


How Twitter Handles 3,000 Images Per Second (highscalability.com)

Pure CSS Games using CSS Counters (una.im)

I, Website (css-tricks.com)


Product Designer at Creative Market

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Technical Writer for Web Design Weekly

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Last but not least…

What does Unsplash cost? (backstage.crew.co)

The Web is Doom (mobiforge.com)