Web Design Weekly #231


Future CSS

Josh Marsh looks into the current developments in modern front-end development and the direction that CSS is headed. He also dives into a potential CSS concept that takes inspiration from the JavaScript landscape. (medium.com)

WordPress 4.5 “Coleman” (poststatus.com)

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Why JavaScript Development Is Crazy

If you find yourself getting frustrated every time you try to learn JavaScript then I would highly recommend this entertaining read by Sean Fioritto. (planningforaliens.com)

The web app “discovery problem”

Remy Sharp explains his thoughts on the discoverability of web apps versus native apps. Remy’s main point of difference being web apps allow users to truly “visit our URL to install our app” and at this present time they can’t really be challenged. (remysharp.com)

Should I use Grid or Flexbox?

Rachel Andrew explains the common features and also the differences between Flexbox and CSS Grid Layout. (rachelandrew.co.uk)

Continuous Deployment at Instagram

At Instagram, they deploy backend code 30-50 times a day. Whenever an engineer commits changes to the master branch it gets deployed with no human involvement. This post talks about how they implemented the system and got it working smoothly. (engineering.instagram.com)

Interview with Håkon Wium Lie

The inventor of CSS explains how it saved the web — but warns that the battle is not over yet. (medium.com)

Part 2 of the CSS Tricks series on CSS Modules (css-tricks.com)

Aligning Text Smartly in CSS (nocode.in)

Tools / Resources

Introducing iframify

A tiny script developed by Hugo Giraudel that helps display components in a style guide at a certain width correctly. (dev.edenspiekermann.com)

Chris Coyier’s thoughts from the Clarity conference

A largish brain dump by Chris after attending the recent Clarity conference that focused on style guides and design systems. (codepen.io)

A list of useful resources for front end developers (github.com)

Sketch 3.7 and New Symbols (blog.sketchapp.com)

The new Framer (framerjs.com)


Data visualization of every shot Kobe Bryant ever took (graphics.latimes.com)

Q&A with Chris Heilmann and Jason Fried (vimeo.com)

Jonnie Hallman AMA on Designer News (designernews.co)


Senior Product Designer at Chartbeat

At Chartbeat we don’t compromise form for function. User interaction, visual design and clean execution are equally important. If you happen to be looking for your next challenge and are keen to help take Chartbeat to the next level we would love to hear from you today. (chartbeat.com)

User Experience Designer, Firefox

Do you want to be part of the team that designs and delivers the world’s best browser? We are looking for an amazing and passionate User Experience Designer to create beautiful and functional interfaces. (mozilla.org)

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Last but not least…

A Look Into Web Design Weekly

For those who are keen to know a little more about what happens behind the scenes with this email the team over at Campaign Monitor did a little interview with me about how Web Design Weekly has grown and how I approach each issue. (campaignmonitor.com)

A brief history of the World Wide Web by web developers (adactio.com)