Web Design Weekly #230


What are CSS Modules and why do we need them?

The first article in a new series by Robin Rendle that dives into CSS Modules. This article gives a good overview of what CSS Modules are and why you should think about using them. Looking forward to the preceding two articles. (css-tricks.com)

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A Simple Web Developer’s Guide To Color

Laura Elizabeth explains a simple color workflow that you can use in your next web project as well as some color theory basics. (smashingmagazine.com)

ES6 module loading

Nicholas C. Zakas looks into the complicated and confusing state of how modules work. (nczonline.net)

A Working SVG Workflow for Accessible Icons

Hugo Giraudel shares his simple automated SVG workflow for icons. (sitepoint.com)

Establishing Web Standards

Aaron Gustafson explains how an idea becomes a specification at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). (medium.com)

Animating the Unanimatable (medium.com)

Tools / Resources

Introducing React Storybook

With React Storybook, you can develop and design UI components outside your app in an isolated environment. It aims to change how you develop UI components. (voice.kadira.io)

How to update to Gulp 4

Version 4 of Gulp is about to be released and this post by Mike Street runs you through how to update and use the new features. (liquidlight.co.uk)

Design Patterns

A great selection of ideas, inspiration and examples for your own projects. (codepen.io)

A Complete Guide to Grid (css-tricks.com)

Flickr’s Justified Layout Goes Open Source (code.flickr.net)

Grunt 1.0.0 released (gruntjs.com)


A little thing about release notes

The Slack team share why release notes are important to them and explain their approach to writing them. (slackhq.com)

Being tired isn’t a badge of honor (signalvnoise.com)

Overtime with Justin Mezzell (dribbble.com)


Senior UX Designer at Campaign Monitor

We’re looking for a Product Designer who shares our vision for designing beautiful software that thousands of people love to use. We’re looking for someone with a strong understanding of interaction design and knows how to apply that to directly drive product growth. We’re hoping that might be you. (campaignmonitor.com)

Senior Front End Developer at Shopify

At Shopify we have one of the largest front end architectures in the world, and our front end development team works on making our client side scalable, approachable, and an exceptional experience for hundreds of thousands of shop owners across the world. If you are keen for a massive challenge we would love to hear from you. (shopify.com)

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Last but not least…

What every Browser knows about you

A site that demonstrates all the data your browser knows about you. The data that is displayed can be accessed by any website without asking you for any permission. Quite an eye opener. (robinlinus.com)