Web Design Weekly #229


CSS and Scalability

A great reflective piece by Adam Morse on how his experience and thoughts have evolved over that last few years whilst working with large CSS codebases. If you write CSS, this is a must read. (mrmrs.io)

Changes to npm’s unpublish policy (blog.npmjs.org)

Download Anything You Want for 7 Days on GraphicStock

GraphicStock is giving you 7 days to download anything you want. Access over 300,000 choices including high quality graphics, textures, backgrounds, photos, icons, vectors, layouts, and more. (graphicstock.com)


The Holy Grail Layout with CSS Grid

In this tutorial Ire Aderinokun creates the Holy Grail Layout to help understand the inner workings of the CSS Grid Layout which is quite complex. She looks into some of the 17 new properties and explores a lot of its new concepts. (bitsofco.de)

Houdini – Give developers the power to extend CSS

Houdini is a new W3C task force that plans to introduce a new set of APIs that will, for the first time, give developers the power to extend CSS itself and the tools to hook into the styling and layout process of a browser’s rendering engine. (smashingmagazine.com)

Why I don’t use CSS preprocessors

A refreshing post by Roger Johansson that explains why he doesn’t use CSS preprocessors but does use CSS processors. (456bereastreet.com)

Leveling Up with React: Redux

The final of a three-part React series by Brad Westfall over on CSS Tricks. Brad looks into managing state across an entire application efficiently and in a way that can scale without getting absurdly complex. (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

FT Labs Performance Widget – Insights

Insights is a Chrome extension which runs a set of tests on any page visited by the user and places the results from these tests inside a widget on the page written in a contextualised manner to make the results easier to digest. (labs.ft.com)

Ember FastBoot

An Ember CLI addon that allows you to render and serve Ember.js apps on the server. Using FastBoot, you can serve rendered HTML to browsers and other clients without requiring them to download JavaScript assets. (ember-fastboot.com)

Dyslexia Style Guide

A short and concise style guide that gives some great pointers on making sure your work can be enjoyed by dyslexic users. (bdadyslexia.org.uk)

The Best Methods and Resources to Learn JavaScript:

A large list of books, courses and tips from some really talented developers to help take your JavaScript to the next level. (psdtowp.net)

Public APIs

A collective list of public JSON APIs for use in web development. (github.com)

Snapback Cache

A client side page cache for jQuery. (medium.com)

Need HTML5 Ads? Adobe Animate CC to the Rescue (blogs.adobe.com)

Introducing Safari Technology Preview (webkit.org)

AMA with the webpack Team (hashnode.com)

GitHub for Human Beings (ponyfoo.com)


d’Oh My Zsh

Robby Russell explains how he unexpectedly built a monster of an open source project. (medium.com)

Building the UI for the new The Times website (medium.com)

The Veil of Ignorance (mrmrs.io)


Product Design Lead at Zendesk

We are looking for a Design Lead with a demonstrated track record of managing and building product design teams. You’re an empathetic and proven people manager that possesses the leadership abilities needed to hire, motivate and optimize a diverse team of talented product designers and user research professionals. (zendesk.com)

Senior Front End Developer at Shopify

At Shopify we have one of the largest front end architectures in the world, and our front end development team works on making our client side scalable, approachable, and an exceptional experience for hundreds of thousands of shop owners across the world. If you are keen for a massive challenge we would love to hear from you. (shopify.com)

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Last but not least…

Commit Logs From Last Night (commitlogsfromlastnight.com)