Web Design Weekly #226


Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript

Lexy Munroe takes a look into various ways Twitter are using JavaSctipt and suggest they rethink their approach to focus a little more on progressive enhancement. Solid article. (eev.ee)

What’s New in jQuery 3 (developer.telerik.com)

Professional Logo Creation Kit

Whether your own website needs a new logo or your clients are screaming for one, this bundle from Zeppelin Graphics is the perfect solution. (mightydeals.com)


Design in a Sea of Engineering

Ted Goas shares how he gets by as the sole designer working with nine engineers. For those of you that are in the same boat this is a great article that offers some handy tips and tricks to manage the workload and communication. (tedgoas.com)

Code for edge cases

A nice simple digestible post by Hugo Giraudel that reminds us that we shouldn’t assume anything in the code we write. (dev.edenspiekermann.com)

Building Bixa Color, a color font for the web

Color font formats have been added to OpenType and are slowly getting supported in browsers. This article explains how these fonts are made and looks at how usable they are on the web today. (pixelambacht.nl)

Using D3.js with animations in React

If you ever need to use D3.js with animations in React this post by David Krawaller might point you in the right direction. He recently struggled but explains his solution in this post. (blog.krawaller.se)

Microcopy — Tiny Words with a Huge UX Impact

When we think about designing a great user experience, it’s easy to get caught up with all the things. The fonts, the colors, the flows, the content. Everything. But there’s another component to UX that can instantly delight your users that you might be overlooking. Microcopy. (uxplanet.org)

A CSS Multi-column Layout Tutorial for Beginners

A nice and simple introduction by Baljeet Rathi that looks into CSS multi-column layout. Something that can be super handy for responsive layouts. (sitepoint.com)

Facebook’s Product Director Explains One of its Biggest UX Changes (fastcodesign.com)

Getting More from Google Analytics with Philip Walton (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

CSS only Responsive Tables

David Bushell revisited a four year old idea of making tabular data responsive. As time has passed he has been able to clean the code up to suit the modern landscape. (dbushell.com)

Rebass — 56 Configurable React Stateless UI Components

Rebass is a React UI component library that uses inline styles to avoid CSS dependencies and prevent leaky global styles from affecting an application. (jxnblk.com)


A searchable catalog of PostCSS plugins (postcss.parts)

State of the art web development with React.js (github.com)


The Difference Between Excellent, Good and Bad JavaScript Developers (thefullstack.xyz)

Trellisheets — How we spin up CSS for Trello sites with ease (tech.trello.com)

How to become a great UX designer without a degree (blog.invisionapp.com)


Web Engineering Manager at Slack

Slack is looking for an engineering manager to help lead the web application engineering team. This team is responsible for developing new features, building infrastructure and maintaining the site. This person will report to the CTO and will work alongside our engineering management team. (slack.com)

Senior Product Designer at Charbeat

Chartbeat believes in a better web — one where quality content, not linkbait, is king. This is a web that values attention, how and where people are engaging with content, not clicks. If these values align with you please get in touch. (chartbeat.com)

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Last but not least…

Performance & Usage at Instagram (engineering.instagram.com)