Web Design Weekly #220


Why I love working with the web

Remy Sharp shares his excitement about why he loves web work. Whilst reading this post I found myself agreeing with pretty much everything and feeling excited to be a web developer. A great reminder that we are truly lucky to be working in such a powerful space. (remysharp.com)

React and the economics of dynamic web interfaces (nczonline.net)

​Get multiple job offers from top companies with 1 application

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The Year of Web Streams

A pretty bold call by Jake Archibald but a great introduction to what maybe a game changer, especially for improving the performance of content-heavy sites. (jakearchibald.com)

Aligning your Front End Process

Ashley Nolan shares some great advice to help keep projects and developers aligned and large codebases better structured. (ashleynolan.co.uk)

The state of hidden content support in 2016

Steve Faulkner quickly recaps on the current state of the ‘aria-hidden’ and the HTML5 ‘hidden’ attribute in all major browsers and screen readers. (paciellogroup.com)

Mood Driven Development (css-tricks.com)

Tools / Resources

Responsive Image Breakpoints Generator

This awesome tool enables you to upload your images and define settings to find matching image dimensions that fit in your graphic design requirements. If you are keen to find out more, Nadav Soferman’s and Jason Grigsby’s posts are worth reading. (responsivebreakpoints.com)

Vivus, bringing your SVGs to life

A lightweight JavaScript class (with no dependencies) that allows you to animate SVGs, giving them the appearance of being drawn. (github.io)

Performance Budget Builder

Brad Frost has created a very handy tool that helps visualise the performance budget of your site. To create your own, just ‘fork’ his CodePen demo. (bradfrost.com)

DevTools Author

If you use the Chrome DevTools as your front-end development environment, DevTools Author provides a small set of options to enhance your authoring experience that you might enjoy. (mikeking.io)

A Gulp-Based External SVG Symbol Sprite Icon System (una.im)

Hint.css – A CSS only tooltip library (kushagragour.in)

ES6 Cheatsheet (github.com)

React.js Best Practices for 2016 (risingstack.com)


The A11Y Project gets a major redesign

A great open source project that just got a fresh coat of paint. If you have time it is also worth reading about the decisions that went into it. (a11yproject.com)

The State of UX in 2016 (medium.com)


Front End Developer – Xero

Located in Melbourne, the role of the Front End Developer exists to undertake software application development of new or improved features in Xero and its associated applications and service delivery systems. (Xero.com)

Design Engineer at Help Scout

As a design engineer at Help Scout, it’s your job to create not only a pixel-perfect experience for customers, but to do so by writing front-end code that’s clean, performant and consistent with the standards we’ve established as a team. Along with four other tight-knit designers on the team, you’ll be responsible for moving our brand and user experience forward. (helpscout.net)

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Last but not least…

Disable npm progress to dramatically speed up installs (twitter.com)

Which cat is your JavaScript framework? (whichcatisyourjavascriptframework.com)