Web Design Weekly #219


The Web Is Okay

Wise words from Charlotte Spencer about remaining calm why the world of web development goes crazy. (charlotteis.co.uk)

Responsive Email Designer App

Creating responsive emails is a huge plus for individuals and companies today. With more than 50% of emails initially being opened and read on smartphones and tablets, a solid responsive design is pretty much a necessity. Check it out today. (mightydeals.com)


Leaner Responsive Images With Client Hints

In this article Jon Arne Sæterås looks into how Client Hints can reduce both image size and verbosity of the responsive images markup. (smashingmagazine.com)

The woes of date input

The HTML5 date input is far from perfect and in this post Ian Devlin explains some of the the outstanding quirks that we should be aware of.  (html5doctor.com)

Everything I know about responsive web typography with CSS

A great article by Zell Weekeat that explore various techniques for achieving good web typography. He also has a nice introduction into using Typi, which is a handy Sass library for making your life easier. (zell-weekeat.com)

Designing A Product Page Layout with Flexbox

Levin Mejia, who is Designer Advocate at Shopify, shares about Shopify starting to use flexbox in new themes they develop. (css-tricks.com)

Critical Web Fonts

Zach Leatherman revisits the history of web font loading and takes a look into the future. (zachleat.com)

How to Create Visually Effective Calls-To-Action (rafaltomal.com)

Subgrids Considered Essential (meyerweb.com)

Tools / Resources

Why I Left Gulp and Grunt for npm Scripts

Cory House explains how he has found Gulp and Grunt to be unnecessary abstractions, whereas npm scripts are plenty powerful and often easier to live with. (medium.com)

Setting up HTTP/2

Alexander Surma follows up on his Chrome Dev Summit talk with an in-depth article on how to go about setting up HTTP/2 today. (surma.link)

Web accessibility tools round-up

Carlin Scuderi takes a look at some of the tools available that make our lives and the lives of people with a disability a bit easier. (medium.com)


An open source vector nesting tool developed by Jack Qiao which helps rearrange SVG shapes to take up as little space as possible. (github.com)

Awesome npm

A large selection on npm resources and tips put together by the community. (github.com)

22 Essential CSS Recipes (ipestov.com)


How I Shrank my CSS by 84kb by Refactoring with ITCSS (jordankoschei.com)

Designing a mobile app flow diagram in Sketch (youtube.com)

Cinema Seat Preview Experiment (tympanus.net)


Design Engineer at Help Scout

As a design engineer at Help Scout, it’s your job to create not only a pixel-perfect experience for customers, but to do so by writing front-end code that’s clean, performant and consistent with the standards we’ve established as a team. Along with four other tight-knit designers on the team, you’ll be responsible for moving our brand and user experience forward. (helpscout.net)

Web Developer at Dropbox

Our Engineering team is architecting a family of products that handle over a billion files a day. We take on the complexities of technology that affect everyday life, so that people can get back to living and doing their best work. If you are keen to work on something that impacts the world, we would love to hear from you. (dropbox.com)

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Last but not least…

10 Years of Web Inspector (webkit.org)

A simple cursor game written in CSS (victordarras.fr)