Web Design Weekly #217


Grid Systems for Screen Design

Johan Prag’s countless conversations about design tools, grids and the history of design wrapped up into a nice thoughtful article. (medium.com)

Beyond the Style Guide (24ways.org)


SVG icons are easy but the fallbacks aren’t

A great article by Matt Hinchliffe that dives deep into what is required to produce a solid fallback for SVG icons. (maketea.co.uk)

The web accessibility basics

An extensive list of web accessibility basics every web developer should know about. (marcozehe.de)

Why I’m not using your open source project

Nicholas Zakas shares his thoughts on why using open source code within your projects comes with a high degree of risk and shouldn’t be used without some considerations. (nczonline.net)

An Intro To Using npm and ES6 Modules

A helpful article by Wes Bos that aims to give JavaScript developers a good overview and introduction into managing dependencies. (wesbos.com)

Bluff Your Way through React (sitepoint.com)

WebPageTest: Year in Review (perfplanet.com)

Tools / Resources


A polyfill for Flexible Box Layout Module Level 1. Use it to design beautiful, flexible layouts on the web without sacrificing the experience in older Internet Explorer browsers. (github.com)

Simplified JavaScript Jargon

A community-driven attempt to help explaining the large array of buzzwords making the rounds in the current JavaScript ecosystem. (github.com)


A handy tool to help you schedule Dribbble shots. (drubbbler.com)

Security Panel debuts in Chrome DevTools (developers.google.com)

Angular 2 Beta (angularjs.blogspot.com)


Your Most Valuable Asset Is Yourself (nytimes.com)

Toolsday Podcast – CSS Processors (toolsday.io)

Overtime with Ian Brignell (dribbble.com)


Web Operations & Drupal Developer (DevOps/WebOps)

WiTH Collective are happily seeking a senior/mid-weight web operations developer with Drupal experience. We’re an inclusive, mid-sized, creative agency with a passion for data and some great clients to innovate with. Most importantly we recognise that it’s our people who have got us to where we are today; every one of us is eager to think, learn and collectively create. We’re excited to find another like-mind. (withcollective.com)

UX Designer at Smugmug

SmugMug is seeking our next UX Designer. If you thrive at solving complex requirements with seemingly simple solutions, require minimal guidance and are most happy in a highly collaborative environment, SmugMug might just be the place for you. (smugmug.com)

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Last but not least…

Starwars CSS Animation

Donovan Hutchinson explains how to create the Star Wars movie title from “The Force Awakens” using CSS. (cssanimation.rocks)

Lightsaber Escape

Dual-device game built w/ WebRTC, device-motion and WebGL. (lightsaber.withgoogle.com)